• Towards an Understanding of Cultural Appropriation in Rewilding

    Sometimes in rewilding people purposefully or unintentionally culturally appropriate. Here’s some idea of how to be respectful while rewilding.

  • Rewilding is Not Survivalism. So Why Do People Confuse the Two?

    Both outsiders looking in, and those new to rewilding, often conflate wilderness survival skills and survivalism, with rewilding.

  • What is Rewilding Presentation

    Here is the video of the slideshow that I gave at the Rewild Portland spring fundraiser this last April.

  • Rewilding, Dispatched

    Rewilding has been picked up by the mainstream and watered down. Peter Michael Bauer gives his assessment of the situation.

  • Paleofantasyfallacy

    I was disappointed to discover that Paleofantasy is not a fictionalized novel about paleo peoples. Rather, it is a pop-cultural, non-fiction book about how the paleo craze (that has been growing for some time now) is allegedly based on a false understanding of evolution.

  • 3 Reasons to Learn Chinuk Wawa

    Chinook Jargon (Chinuk Wawa in the language) is the original lingua-franca of Cascadia, born out of the coming together of different cultures during the fur trade era of the early 1800’s.

  • On the Path Toward Living Wild

    One of the most inspiring people teaching ancestral skills is Lynx Vilden and her school the Living Wild School. This is my review of her program.

  • Rewilding: Take it to the Hoop!

    Finisia Medrano is a catalyst of rewilding. She is living on “the hoop” and planting back native gardens.

  • My Talk at Washington College

    Here is the video of my recent talk at Washington College’s Locavore Lit Fest.

  • “Free” vs. Rewilding

    Now that I’ve decided to make my living from teaching rewilding skills, I find myself in a conundrum. How much money do I charge for my classes?

  • Aliens Vs. Rewilding

    I’ve had a couple people ask me lately if I “believe in aliens”.

  • “Community” vs Rewilding

    “How can we (rewild-minded folks) live INSIDE the system now, and in satisfying numbers, and create the community we need to, if not live outside the system for legit fear of getting murdered en masse, offer support to one another on a day-to-day level?”

  • On Killing Animals, Insects & Plants

    In the past couple of weeks I killed my first mammals.

  • Addiction vs. Rewilding

    Okay, so I’ll admit it. I have an addiction to certain aspects of civilization.

  • Hypocrisy vs. Rewilding

    Inevitably those-who-rewild will find themselves attacked as hypocrites by those who don’t understand rewilding: “If you hate civilization so much, why don’t you go live in the woods?”

  • Colonization Vs. Rewilding

    The mentality of colonization runs deep in our culture, particularly deep in those who benefit the most from the colonization.

  • Fundamentalism vs. Rewilding

    Someone asked me if I would exclude a christian from a rewild camp? No. Why would I? Rewilding refers to a process, and that process can start anywhere.

  • The Real Suburban Scout?

    How is sleeping in a synthetic tipi with chemically tanned hides of animals from a different continent making you more sustainable?

  • One Great Big Neon Festering Distraction

    Here is an idea, let’s just change the sign to say “Fuck the Planet.”

  • Agriculture Vs. Rewilding

    In order to understand the destructive nature of agriculture you must understand the phases of ecological succession.

  • December 26th 2006 update

    This Week: Final Cut, Clothes, Poison, Food and Wordpress…