Sauer Kraut

As some of you may have read early on, Sasha and I eat based on the Body Ecology Diet. Part of this diet involves eating lots of fermented foods, such as Sauer Kraut. I’ve meant to photo-log making it for this site, but kept forgetting until today.

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Too Stoned to Make an Axe: Hittin’ it too Hard

Why I Hate “Brownies”

Week 2: Projectile Vomiting!

Hot Rock Experiment

Yesterday I tried to boil some rain water with hot rocks I gathered. I also started the fire in my tipi, an experiment gone wrong in the past. The following explains the results.

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My First Hunt

The plan seemed simple; kill a squirrel with a throwing stick. Of course I knew that a lot more goes into hunting, but what? I’ve read all about it in books, but the only way I can internalize the lessons (for me at least) requires pulling the trigger (so to speak). Though I came home without food, I did come home with many lessons on hunting and squirrels.

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Week One: Introducing My Laundry List

This week kicked off nicely. Then I realized I needed to do my taxes, and Mythmedia’s taxes. I also begun editing the video interview I did with Derrick Jensen last fall (which totally rocks btw!). I’ve also done some work at, though not as much work as Wilderix! I also began to go to my sit spot and journal for Kamana 3. So many projects, so little time! I’ve decided to keep track of what I have decided to call Scout’s Weekly Laundry List.

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An April Fool

This last week I began to wonder if I subconsciously chose April Fools Day for the start date of this project. Originally I didn’t think about it. I just told people April 1st. I hadn’t thought about April Fools day in quite some years. But the other day I started to feel something deep inside. That I had chosen this day for some subconscious reason, that if I looked, I could find a deeper meaning and a deeper understanding of what this project means.

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Internal Pressure, Cooking

Today brings March 26th. In less than a week the sun will rise on my arbitrary start date of April 1st. My mind feels shattered. I feel numb, scared, but mostly confused. What will change on this day of fools? How will my life change? What rules will I set in place? Why did I decide to do this so many months, so many years back?

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Willamette; The Valley of an 8,000 Year Old Culture

At a reading I was at a while ago, the author asked the crowd if they knew the name of the people who lived here before civilization. More than a few people responded that “no one lived here,” and that, “Willamette (as in the Willamette river that runs through Portland) means ‘the valley of sickness and death.'” I don’t remember the first time I heard this myth, but I can tell you that I never questioned it. In fact, I’ve even helped spread it. I never seemed to think twice about it, it simply made sense; white people do stupid things like move into mosquito infested valleys. But when the author asked, and I saw so many people respond with this claim, I really began to wonder just where the heck it came from!

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How Ragnar Convinced Me to Buy a Gun

Ragnar Benson has authored many books including; Do-It-Yourself Medicine, Eating Cheap, Live Off the Land in City and Country, Mantrapping, Modern Weapons Caching, Ragnar’s Guide to Interviews, Investigations and Interrogations, Ragnars Guide to the Underground Economy, Aquiring a New ID, and many more, all publsihed through the wack-job-military-nut publishing company Paladin Press. In my search for urban survival tips I found, ordered and read his books Ragnar’s Urban Survival: a Hard-Times Guide to Staying Alive in the City and Survival Poaching.

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Giardia: Eat Shit and Die…

If you’ve traveled to another country or gone anywhere in the outdoors, you’ve probably heard of giardia. Supposedly Civilizations settlers brought this crap over from Europe or somewhere, since giardia seems to foster best in densely populated areas of domestic cows. Thanks to these assholes (the settlers, not the cows) this flagellated protozoan parasite known as Giardia lamblia, (AKA “the runs,” “the shits,” and my favorite; “Beaver Fever“), lives in almost every water source in the United States. It generally spreads by tricking someone into eating the poop of another infected creature… which leads me to think that giardia sounds like Mother Nature telling civilization to, and not in the figurative sense, “eat shit and die.”

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