Drag and Brag Through the Gifford Pinchot


A few weeks back I took the Grover Cleveland High School NW Ecology class on a hike through the Gifford Pinchot. I hadn’t worked with a group that large (25 or so people) in quite some time, and since I didn’t have much time I did what we call the “drag and brag” in that, I dragged them down the path and bragged about how much I know about Northwest Ecology. This hopefully inspires students to understand how much knowledge is out there and maybe even to get a few of them to come to the rewild camp. I had a great time and forgot how much I enjoy doing environmental education. If only it paid more than television production!

5 Comments on “Drag and Brag Through the Gifford Pinchot”

  1. I’ve never heard the term “drag & brag,” though I’ve found myself doing some version of it. Thank you for giving me something to call it!

  2. Hey Scout, is that an ivy basket? I saw you had something on making ivy baskets. Basically I’ve got a TON of ivy from someone that I’ve been feeding to my goats, but they only eat the leaves/stems so now I have a huge pile of leftover vines, at first I was just going to burn it for ashes on the garden but.. I’d love to make something from it.