Episode 14: Patron Prompts

I’ve started a patreon to help fund the podcast. Patrons of the podcast get access to new podcasts two weeks early. Also, when folks become a patron, for even just $1, you can ask me a question or throw out a topic for me to talk about from a rewilding perspective. In this episode, I will be answering the first few Patron Prompts.

Here are the Questions for Patron Prompt #1:

From Patron Susan Avery:  “What are your favorite wild edible or medicinal plants?”

From Patron Nicki Youngsma: “What are criticisms of the megafauna overkill hypothesis and/or competing (and/or complementary) theories for megafaunal extinction? What are ways we can use this information to inform present and future living? How can such information and framing support healthier relationship with land and nonhuman kin that affirms human existence, rather than instills shame?”

From Patron Ilse Donker: “Do you know something about prehistoric child birth and death rate?”

From Jermayne Tuckta (not a Patron, but wanted to answer this one): “One method of rewilding includes reintroducing apex predators and other key species back into the area. Presently, wolves have returned back to Oregon and Washington. What other key species can you think of reintroducing? They have already attempted to reintroduce the Sea otter to the Oregon coast, but no success. Is it possible that the environment can no longer sustain the Indigenous species that once inhabited the area?”