Episode 17: Patron Prompts #2

Patrons of The Rewilding Podcast get access to new podcasts two weeks early. Also, when folks become a patron, for even just $1, you can ask me a question or throw out a topic for me to talk about from a rewilding perspective. In this episode, I will be answering more questions:

• Can a wild world meet the needs of 7.5+ billion human beings?

• Do you know any rules about natural burial—for yourself or relative, esp in oregon?

• What are your thoughts on personal boundaries especially on the rewilding journey?

• What are your thoughts on ableism, and the way we can show up for and support differently abled bodies as we rewild, both before collapse, and after?

• How can rewilding help people with limited physical/mental energy/ability deal with the impending climate crisis, etc?

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