Episode 5: To Wander with Intention w/ Bartle

In this episode I speak with my friend Bartle about her experiences  on walkabouts, leading animal processing camps, running, and much more.  Bartle’s life is an inspiration to me and many others. If you’ve ever  thought about going on long term minimalist, wilderness living  experiences, this will definitely appeal to you. I recorded this one a  few months back, and Bartle is about to head out on another walkabout  (although she decided recently to wait another year to get more funds to  do the really big one she mentioned at the end of the interview). So I  figured I’d better get this posted to the world before she takes off  again.

Follow Bartle on instagram: @bartleemily


Move Your DNA, by Katie Bowman

Born to Run, by Christopher McDougall

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Tom Elpel & Kris Reed Adult Programs