Hide Glue Hat-Trick Not Happening


In one day this week I tried to make a basket, a clay pot and hide glue. I only completed the basket. I came very close to finishing the clay pot but I let the bottom half dry to much and added more height and it cracked all the way around where I added the new layer, because it dried inconsistently. Doh!

Before it cracked:


I boiled a bunch of hide chips for hours and hours and hours and it only made my house smell like the inside of a well used athletic shoe. Bleck! I will continue to boil it when I have time and see what happens.

On the my weekly laundry list:

Last Week’s Personal Goals

1. Make “Hide Glue” and blog about it.

FAIL. Still working on it, and so I also FAILED at both:

2.  Make another stone drill, so that you can…

3. …Finish Cedar Bark basket/quiver

4. Write “Hypocrisy vs. Rewilding”

At least I accomplished something!

5. Pre-shape my Black Locust bow

Did a little of this… But I might have fucked up the whole project. I need to really shape it up now and see if I can still salvage it.

6. Finish up blog on willow/ivy basket

Yes! Finished this one too.

Last Week’s Rewild Camp Goals

1. Take photos of Rewild Camp kits


Next Week’s Personal Goals

I think I’ll try to make it easy on myself this week:

1. Make “Hide Glue” and blog about it.

2. Write “Addiction vs. Rewilding”

3. Shape my Black Locust bow

4. Try to re-moisten the clay pot

Next Week’s Rewild Camp Goals

1. Take photos of Rewild Camp kits

2. Do a podcast debrief of the camp

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