The internet feels rather lonely for a philosophical rewilder at the moment. The redirection of rewilding heavy hitters Jason Godesky and Willem Larsen into personal rewilding projects has seen a huge wealth of philosophy and the marketing of rewilding diminish. sits rather inactive even after switching back to its older, more familiar face. While in real life I see Willem everyday and have rewild camp every Sunday… I have to say life online feels rather lonely.

Woah, I haven’t posted in a while. I spent the last couple weeks working at my day job in television production. Gotta pay the bills! Aside from overall lonliness, life feels pretty fucking awesome. I have started to put together my business plan for Rewild Portland, an environmental education and social networking non-profit organization. I applied for a grant to make a short film about rewilding in Portland.

I still have like 5 blogs that I have started working on but don’t know how to finish up.

Next Week’s Personal Goals:

1. Mail bone awl to Leslie

2. Sharpen my knives

3. Finish film grant

Next Week’s Rewild Camp Goals:

1. Keep doing it?

4 Comments on “LOLscout”

  1. Bone Awl! Yay!

    I think you should keep doing your rewild camp, if you love it. Even if only one person ever shows up that is one person who will learn things they will love to do.
    To me that kind of interaction is what life is about.

    How do you sharpen your knives? At Firefly a man sharped my knife by hand so well it was finally a dangerous weapon and awesome carving tool…. but the other day when i was chasing down my donkey it fell out it’s sheath and i lost it! 🙁

  2. Ah, I wondered where Jason went. Hope their projects bear good fruit.
    I personally have been meaning to get over to that rewild forum.. but not having much time yet.. I think a lot of rewilders have either -too much else to do with non-rewilding commitments for both rewilding AND going to a forum about it, -or/and they just rewild IRL without having time (or connection?) for discussing it. Having the sites and forums could serve more like a beacon which, when followed, may lead people to a situation where they just do not get online much. Pros and cons!

    I think the online connections will continue to serve well in time. During Winter when learning primitive skills can come a little less easily in many places (and hel, during the *school year* for those who are still stuck there), I bet people will be more around the forums etc. Come Winter, I know I plan to. Meanwhile, yes, I think while the OUTSIDE serves so well for doing this, the computer world will be a bit lonely for rewilding. I do hope Jason and Willem eventually “reappear” in the ‘net scene a bit.

  3. Yah, seems like in summer, esp, I don’t have much time for online anymore. But the wheel turns and winter comes and stories get told….

  4. I know what you mean, but I also think it has to do with people either being busy with real life rewilding. Sadly for me right now it’s because I’m busy with a job which has nothing to do with rewilding. There’s plenty to read on the forums, but a lot of it is pretty old. I’m thinking of going to start some new discussions (or reviving old ones) sometime soon.

    In the mean time, I think you’re really on to something with these LOLscouts. Especially this one, pretty damn hilarious! Perhaps you could make a spinoff website called!