Willow Soaking Pool

This year I’ve really felt inspired to work on baskets. The key to building fluency with any skill starts with a good “setup”. Aside from having the materials to make a basket, you need a soaking pool to make them soft and moveable again after drying. Since I don’t live near a natural body of water, I built this soaking-pool in my backyard with old pallets that I pulled apart, a few screws, my screw gun/drill and a big tarp. It doubles as a mosquito incubation chamber. Fun!


4 Comments on “Willow Soaking Pool”

  1. Great idea Scout!

    One of the best ideas yet, in turning a pallet into something so helpful.

    Willow basket raffle coming soon?

    Locally of course.

    p.s. would like to make a basket too!

  2. Even if ya had a natural body of water, the elements may wash away half your willows! I have creeks and a pond and a spring, but i think the idea of having a special place to soak the basket weaving materials is a really good idea.
    MOsquitoes SUCK tho’ !

    I would like to learn to make really good baskets, i have made a few crazy person baskets before and love them! They hang around my house and one was used for gathering eggs, one for putting wish lists and one to hold harvested veggies

  3. Thanks Christine! That willow basket raffle sounds like a great idea! I’m going to try it with this next basket I just started soaking.

    Hey Leslie, so true about nature gittin in your basket grill. haha. I was half kidding about the misquitos. There are none in there if you change the water frequently enough I think… although… I didn’t really think about that before I made it… How the hell am I gonna change the water out of that thing??!?!? Haha. I’m gonna use mine to harvest veggies too… from the organic food store down the street!

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