Urban Scout Vs. Hippie Scout

(The Complete Edition, with commentary by Urban Scout)

For those who don’t know, I was involved in a publicized feud for several weeks in the late summer of 2006. The feud began with the Portland Mercury article about my summer camp for post-apocalyptic survival. The Portland Mercury is known as the pretentious, sarcastic and cynical paper of this town. Luckily, I myself am a pretentious, sarcastic cynic. Towards the end of my interview the reporter, Marjorie Skinner, asked me if people often thought of me as a hippie. The following was my printed response:

Apocalypse Soon – Portland Mercury 8/17/06

Just don’t try calling them hippies.

“Ha, ha. Fuck you,” replied Scout when I broached the topic. “I fucking hate hippies. Hippies are pot smoking, peace- and love- and sustainability-begging pacifists with no understanding of the power structure of civilization, or even a shred of understanding of the laws that govern the natural world. Hippies claim to love the earth, but most I’ve spoken with do not even know five native plants to their own bioregion. Preemptive Post-Apocalypticism is not about peace™, and love™, and sustainability™. It’s about survival. It’s about adaptation. It’s about deep knowledge of place.”

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Money Vs. Rewilding

Rarely do I think about money, let alone write about it. Money seems like one of the most trite subjects anyone could write about. Never the less, what began as a lament about money turned into a rant, which then turned into my first (and hopefully last) philosophical examination of my feelings about money, which bared some uneaten fruit… at least by me.

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Enduring the Winter Cold, Guilt

From October until April the Northwest is a cold wet place. I’ve always felt January and February mark the coldest, wettest months. During these months I have to fight this strange sensation that I am “not being productive.” Rather, I’m inside staying warm and dry and simply doing… not much. This has always made me feel guilty.

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Goals for January

1. Get rid of stuff (broken car, old clothes, etc).

2. Make a quality digging/throwing stick.

3. Set up library/study at Willems.

4. Sew Tipi lining.

5. Build composting toilet.

6. Set up solar kit.

Seeking Urban Hunting tips

Hey peeps. I need your help. I’ll tell you the plan, then ask what I need.

The Plan:

I will eat roadkill, but as it is an oportunistic source of food, it is not reliable. I need to hunt for protein. I’m planning on mostly sticking to the old throwing stick. I can get squirrels, ducks, geese and rabbits and such. Maybe that will be enough. But I’d like to catch me a raccoon. A few of them at least, to make muklucks for next winter. I don’t think rabbit or squirrel hides are thick enough to for boots. They also don’t have a lot of fat like those raccoons do. Anyone know if I can get enough fat from geese? I think I’m going to stay away from the fish, seeing as how fresh water fish have the highest level of dioxin of any animal. I’m guessing those are farmed fish, which means wild fish probably have more. I will probably shy away from trapping at first, don’t want to kill a defenseless house cat.

Any tips on hunting? Any bright ideas? Please give me feedback. Thanks.

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Bacteria Cafeteria

My Solar Kit

The following are the specs of my solar kit, what I have to get power and what I need to power.

What I have to get power:

panel-kit.jpgSolar Panel: Battery Trickle Charger
Up to 5 Watts solar power
Current: I=350mAmps
Voltage (open current): Voc=24 Volts

7 Amp Battery Charge Controller
Load: 7A Max
Cut-out: 14.2V
Cut-in: 13V

Battery BP 12-12
12V, 12Ah/C20/1.75VPC/25ºC
Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Rechargabe Battery

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Power Inverter
Input: 12 VDC, 15 A Max
AC output: 120 VAC/60 Hz
80 W/0.65 A (Continuous)
100 W/0.80 A (5 minutes)
DC Output: 5 VDC/0.5 A

What I have that needs power:

Cell Phone
Input: 120V-AC/60Hz/4.8VA
Output: 3.7V-DC/340mA

AA Recharger for Digital Camera batteries
Input: AC 100-240v 50/60 Hz 7W
Output: DC 1.4V 1050mA (AA)x2 525mA(AA)x4 640mA(AA)x2

Laptop Computer
60W portable adapter
Input: AC 100-240V~, 50-60 Hz, 1.5A
Output: 16.5V=3.65A ADP-60AD B

My Digital Camera Batteries
…don’t have it here right now, I’ll update later.

Current Questions:

1. How long will it take to charge the battery in the winter/summer?

2. How much juice can I get from the battery? Will I be able to charge all the other batteries frequently?

3. How do I connect all this shit?

4. Where should I put the panel to maximize it’s charge?

5. How durable/weather/humidity/water proof is this gear?

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The Adventures Never Stop

When I first read the book Ishmael (almost 9 years now!) I realized that Civilization was going to collapse in my lifetime. My initial response was, “I must learn to live like a hunter-gatherer!” I saved up a lot of money and went to a weeklong class at one of the nations most notorious schools for wilderness survival. During this class our instructors told us that by the end of the week we would be able to walk out into the woods with only a knife… and survive. That was very exciting. I could regain 10,000 years of ancestral forgetting in 7 days! Can you even put a price on that? The money was worth it. Of course this was a lie. The purpose of this I guess was to either get you inspired enough to actually try it when you got home, or fill the class with students. Well I was inspired, so I did it. The experience lasted 2 days. It made me so uncomfortable and ill that I to this day, six years later have never tried it again.

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Toxic Algae

Late last summer I ran a post-apocalyptic skills summer camp. We traveled to Laurelhurst Park for Calens grappling hook climbing lesson. Calen began his lesson at the west end of the park. Having a shoulder injury I could not partake in the climbing so I began to wander the park in search of food. When I reached the pond I saw that it was almost glowing neon green in color. It looked radioactive. Around the pond was a strip of yellow caution tape and posted every so often were signs that read, “TOXIC ALGAE BLOOM: Microcystis. Please keep away from water.” I thought, isn’t it odd for a pond in a city park to have a toxic algae bloom? Apparently it isn’t as rare as I thought.

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I’ve spent the last couple of days browsing the internet for information on poison. Sasha is very concerned that I don’t poison myself when I eat such meats as raccoons. Dioxins love to stick to fat and so they travel quickly up the food chain. It’s not difficult to see the chain here. High levels of dioxin have been found in the sediment of the Willamette River, which separates Portland into two halves, East and West. Living down there are crayfish who get eaten by raccoons (among others). Since raccoons are fatty creatures, most likely urban raccoons will be full of dioxin.

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December 26th 2006 update

Haven’t gotten around to doing much this last week. I’m not sure if I am going to participate in Christmas next year. Let’s see…

Final Cut: I’m getting Final Cut Pro this week. I was going to just edit in imovie but I played with it for a few hours and realized that I’ll be able to cut faster… way faster, with Final Cut. So I’m getting it this week.

Clothes: I bought a bunch of new clothes last week. I felt a little guilty buying a few new articles. I feel like I should make all my own clothes from here on out, but I’m not sure. I told myself that I was buying “wardrobe” for the film aspect of the project and it made me feel better. Maybe I should explain the way I choose clothes, new or old or handmade. First off, they need to be “Earth Tones.” That means grays, greens, browns, and blacks. These colors provide more camouflage than say, neon pink. Second, they have to look cool. Vain? I don’t know. I like feeling like I look good in the clothes that I wear. I want the clothes to attract people. I care about my image. I like to look sexy, smart and hip. This is why I’ve had a problem with most outdoor gear. Third, I want them to function properly for the outdoors. This means they must be; warm and waterproof and silent. Modern outdoor clothes totally suck for people like me who want to remain silent. Most “northface” crap is multi-colored, and LOUD synthetic material. You can’t wear those clothes and walk silently. My rain pants for example, make a swish-vip sound every time I take a step. Wool, leather, fur are the best materials. Wool is silent, flame resistant, and warm when wet. The only problem is that most functional wool clothes are ugly as hell. One-size military surplus pants and sweaters. I try to stay away from cotton, but I do wear a few t-shirts.

Dioxin, etc: I’m starting to have second thoughts about eating urban game. Or urban anything really. I recently read this article. I’m scared that I’ll end up poisoning myself pretty bad. I want to know what you all think. Anyone know any great herbs that clean out dioxin and other such toxins? Should I be fasting regularly? Sweat lodges? Medicinal Teas? There is part of me that says, “It’s in everything now. There is no escaping the poison. If you want to live as the raccoon, then like the raccoon you will process these toxins in your body. This is the fate your grandparents have left you with.” You know? I read this article about US beef too. The poisons are even in the food we are trying to control… Is there more poison in wild animals than in domestic animals? Does it matter anymore…?

Food: I’ve been on the Paleolithic Diet off and on for a long time now. My latest stint has been the last 7 months, maybe 90% paleo. A little sugar here, a little soy there. I also quit smoking and drinking 7 months ago. I still am experiencing constant fatigue. It’s going away slowly, but Willem recommended that I go on the Body Ecology Diet, which is like a more hardcore version of the Paleo Diet. Basically the idea is that carbs and sugars that are so prelevant in Industrail Civilization create a nice place in your guts for really bad bacteria. This bacteria, mostly Candidiasis, causes yeast infections among many other symptoms like my constant fatigue. First you starve the bad bacteria by not eating sugars or carbs. Simultaneously you eat lots of fermented foods that are filled with the “good” bacteria, replacing the bad as it starves and dies. Once you have a healthy amount of good bacteria, you need only eat fermented foods and no carbs to keep your health up. There is a great article on how Native Americans ate fermented foods here. Also check out the books Wild Fermentations and Nourishing Traditions. Anyone know of any other books on indigenous diets please post. I feel like this diet will prep my body for dealing with the toxins I will find in the wild urban game that I eat.

WordPress: I’m having trouble formatting this site. I have a list of needs and am too lazy to search through the WordPress help section. I thought someone on here might know how/what I need to do to fix the following:

-Header image off center after turning it into a link.

-Cant figure out how to change the hover color of main blog articles. Also, the links in the articles are not red.

-Still need to figure out the forum. Anyone know a good free forum that will work with this site?

-Need to figure out how to make blogs only be summaries on the main page, not the full post.

-How can I view how many visits my site is getting?

I guess that’s it for now. I’m still trying to make sure I get the video from the Meyer Trust up by January 1st, but if not… I’ll post something fun.


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The Paleo Diet

This is a video I made almost 5 years ago when I first was trying out the paleo diet. I look so young!

[youtube InwsLaTvhzY]

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