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The Rewilding Podcast

The Rewilding Podcast w/ Peter Michael Bauer

An exploration of the philosophy and practice of becoming resilient, place-based people.

…Coming in the fall of 2019

Am I fashionably late, or like, missed the party late? 🤣 I’ve been thinking about starting a podcast for a long while, but have been so very busy with Rewild Portland. With so many pretenders co-opting the term for their own capitalist ventures, I decided that I should just do it. I’m not going to be talking about how to look good naked, how to get tight bushman abs, how to elevate to the next spiritual plane, or the best wild plants to give you boners. This podcast will focus on systemic rewilding, not the superficial quick fixes that get sociopaths rich selling to you. I’m going to do like I always have, and dive deep into philosophy, theory, and practical applications of rewilding culture, together. Over the 20 years that I’ve been rewilding I’ve met some of the most amazing people doing amazing things and I always wanted to share their stories. This will give me that opportunity. I’m going to be recording and editing over the next six months, a short run first season to be released in the fall. If you want to sign up for updates you can follow the link below.

The Rewilding Podcast with Peter Michael Bauer