The Rewilding Podcast

The Rewilding Podcast explores the philosophy and practice of returning to collective place-based, regenerative subsistence strategies, inspired by those that exist outside of–and those that existed prior to–the formation of agrarian states.

Humans have lived on the planet for nearly 3 million years, and yet the culture of the last 10,000 has caused the sixth largest extinction in the history of life on earth. We are in the midst of a cultural and environmental collapse. The recent project of civilization has failed humanity, and we are in search of new systems modeled after the ones that came before: ones that lasted for millions of years without making a noticeable impact on ecosystems. The most resilient ways of living are the ones that are regenerative and regional. As the current global governments and States slide into chaos, tyranny, and eventual collapse, we are creating transitional models of living together to escape and minimize the fall out and to and thrive in an uncertain future. We are creating a new narrative, backed by contemporary science and research, backed by millions of years of human stories of living harmoniously in place. We call this movement rewilding, and it can’t be done alone. It can only be done together… Welcome to the Rewilding Podcast.