Rewilding Masculinity with Dr. Martha McCaughey || The Rewilding Podcast

Popular culture likes to tell us that modern men are still just cavemen that masquerade in suits. That they are really just big dumb brutes, bent on domination to get their way. Deep down, their urges for violence (and sexual violence in particular) are simply part of their biology. Where does this mythology come from and why? What does rewilding masculinity look like‚Äďand where do we even start? In this episode I interview Dr. Martha McCaughey, professor of sociology at Appalachian State University and author of the book “The Caveman Mystique” as we explore these concepts in depth.

Dr. McCaughey’s Books

The Caveman Mystique

Real Knock Outs


The Feminine Mystique

The Egalitarians: Human and Chimpanzee

Why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong

Exploring Prehistory: How Archaeology Reveals Our Past

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