Press & Appearances


Looking for someone to who can speak about rewilding? Want me to speak at your event? Guests for your podcast? Expert in your documentary? I am available for interviews, speaking engagements, classes, and more.

CONTACT ME: peter (at) rewildportland (dot) com

Press & Public Appearances


5/28/23 Talks from the Whit – Ancestral Skills Applied Today

4/16/23 Columbia Basin Basketry Guild Presenter

1/22/23 North American Rewilding Conference


10/30/22 Talks from the Whit – What is Rewilding?

2/16/22 Invoking Witchcraft Podcast (Part 1)

2/14/22 Underworld Party Podcast: Beyond Land Acknowledgement

1/20/22 North American Rewilding Conference

1/17/22 Poor Proles Almanac Podcast: Finding Place with Peter Michael Bauer (Part 2)

1/17/22 Poor Proles Almanac Podcast: Finding Place with Peter Michael Bauer (Part 1)


7/20/21 Believers: Making a Life at the End of the World (Farrar, Straus and Giroux)

4/16/21 Last Born in the Wilderness Podcast #295

2/25/21 Redefining the Good Life Podcast, Episode 24

1/29/21 North American Rewilding Conference


12/9/20 Children & Permaculture Summit

10/14/20 The Embodiment Conference: Embodied Rewilding (removed due to controversy)

10//20 Untaming Podcast Episode 28 (Part 2)

10/5/20 Untaming Podcast Episode 27 (Part 1)

8/21/20 deCamp Outdoors

5/25/20 Move Wild Podcast Episode S.2 EP.7

4/23/20 Three Useful Weeds You Can Forage In Your Backyard


12/27/19 The Uncivilize Podcast w/ Jennifer Grayson

3/26/19 Anarchy Radio w/ John Zerzan

1/9/19 A New Oregon Law Makes It Legal to Eat Roadkill.

1/1/19 Surrender by Joanna Pocock (House of Anasazi Press Inc.)


4/9/18 The Good Life Revival Podcast #37


3/8/17 Community Hotline Interview on MetroEast Community Media


12/15/16 The Magic Hour, episode 5, Quests and the end of civilization

11/23/16 Wolverine Way Podcast with Ricardo Sierra Interview

11/18/16 Ancestral Health Radio Episode #001

11/10/16 Permaculture Podcast Interview #3

11/1/16 Primal Happiness Podcast Episode #112

6/18/16 PUGS Fest talk on “The Mysteries of Prehistories”

6/6/16 Portland Underground Graduate School goes above ground

5/26/16 Talk on Survival Skills and Ancestral Skills and their Modern Application at North Plains Library

5/16 Rewilding 101 with Portland Underground Graduate School

4/21/16 An Introduction to Rewilding Lecture @ PSU Earth Week

4/8/16 Living with Nature: Intro to Rewilding @ Linfield College Speaker

3/23/16 Invasive English ivy: Don’t hate it, weave it into a basket

2/16 Rewilding 201 with Portland Underground Graduate School

1/16 Rewilding 101 with Portland Underground Graduate School


11/15 Interview at Portland Plant Medicine Gathering

11/6/15 Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann #2

10/6/15 Anarchy Radio with John Zerzan (and Kevin Tucker)

9/16/15 PDX Darlings with Martha Grover

8/13/15 Doomstead Diner Podcast Interview

8/7/15 Basketry Defined, and Redefined – Columbia Basin Basketry Guild Gallery Show

7/27/15 Unlearn and Rewild Podcast Interview

7/24/15 Greener Good: Weaving Baskets out of Invasive Species

6/19/15 Pieces of Portland – Born to Rewild – Book by Marie Deatherage and Joyce Brekke

4/24/15 Rewilding: Finding Hope Through Resilience (talk)

3/25/15 Permaculture Podcast with Scott Mann #1

1/10/15 Curious Gallery PDX: Talk/Discussion on “What is Rewilding?”


4/20/14 Portland State University, Cascadia Bioregional Confluence: Talk/Discussion on “Cultural Appropriation and Ancestral Technology”

4/26/14 City Repair Project Earth Day Soap Box: Talk on “Weaving a Cultural Basket”

8/30/14 Private Speaking Event: Pacific Northwest College of Art – Academy for Survival

11/1/14 Bulletin of Primitive Technology #48: Processing Himalayan Blackberry for Weaving


4/18/13 Satelite Press Transmission Interview


1/1/12 Occupied Cascadia Documentary Film – Interview

3/12 Guerrillas in the Industrial Jungle: Radicalism’s Primitive and Industrial Rhetoric (SUNY)

3/31/12 Washington College, Locavore Lit Fest – Presenter

4/21/12 Earth and Spirit Council Earth Day Conference – Presenter

5/7/12 SE Examiner “Rewilding and Surviving”


10/11 Molalla Pioneer – “Urban Scout teaches students new ways to think about the outdoors”

8/11 Meat Paper Issue #15 – Roadkill

6/20/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Bellingham, WA

6/22/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Olympia, WA

6/24/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Eugene, OR

6/25/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Oakland, CA

6/27/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Los Angeles, CA

6/28/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Santa Barbara, CA

7/2/11 Rewild or Die Book Tour: Portland, OR


9/15/10 Book reading at Reading Frenzy in downtown Portland

9/9/10 Opening for Lierre Keith at the Real Food and Sustainability Conference

6/1/10 Rewild or Die book review on Culture Change

5/30/10 Interview on Diet Soap Podcast: Ideology and Nature

5/17/10 Interview by Adam Roufberg on Radio Active Lunch

5/3/10 Rewild or Die book release party in Portland


10/09 Portland State University’s Econvergence “Radical Sustainability” Panelist

8/09 Culture Change “Primitive Skills Offer Sustainable Model”

7/09 Flaunt Magazine Online “The Feral Future”

4/09 (sound) Magazine “Urban Survival Tips From a Hipster in a Loin Cloth”


9/08 Positive Living Magazine “On the Trail of the Urban Scout.”

5/11/08 Interviewed on Free Range Thought radio show.

4/08 Friends of the Earth Australia, Chain Reaction article “Rewilding Food Systems: From Agricultural Civilization to the Horticultural Village”

3/08 Green Anarchy Magazine #25 Interviewed by Lisa Wells: “The End of Slavery”

2/1/08 Portland Tribune “Prepping for the End of Days Can Be One (Re)Wild Party”

1/23/08 Willamette Week It List “Class of Nuke ‘Em High”

1/5/08 Urban Scout featured on Portland On Fire


12/21/07 DCist: The New Future write up

12/18/07 Reality Sandwich blurb

12/14/07 The Washington Post “The Future, Brand-New and Retro”

12/14/07 D.C. Arts Center “The New Future”

11/10/07 Outside The Box with Alex Ansary (second half)

10/28/07 Eco-Sicko Film Series, Introducing “The Road Warrior”

10/25/07 IgnitePortland “The Art of Rewilding”

8/22/07 Apocalyptic Fashion Trend (scroll to number 12)

8/12/07 Oregonian, Margie Boule “Urban Scout hopes to prepare us for civilization’s collapse.”

8/10/07 Street Style

8/7/07 – Anarchy Radio w/ John Zerzan

8/07 – Somnambulist #9 “If Evolution Works So Well, Why Are There Still Ugly People?”

8-9/07 – ReadyMade Magazine “Survival of the Grittiest” (Issue #30)

7/25/07 – Dork Forest Radio

3/5/07 – “Urban Hunter-Gatherer”


8/06-9/06 – Portland Mercury “Letters” Feud

8/17/06 – Portland Mercury Feature “Apocalypse Soon”

2/23/06 – Portland Mercury “Employee Picks”

2/3/06 – Oregonian A&E “Big Bang Theorists”

1/25/06 – Willamette Week “We’re All Gonna Die Anyway”