Art, Storytelling, and Survival Skills in Rewilding w/ Hannes Wingate || The Rewilding Podcast

Hannes Wingate is an artist, builder, designer, and outdoor  survival-skills instructor. He was educated at Central St. Martins  College of Art in London. He is known internationally for constructing  giant, human sized nests from natural materials found within close range  of the build site. He has traveled the world, spending time living with  and learning traditional skills from the Sami, Maori, Basque and Native  American cultures.

In this conversation Hannes and I discuss his  practice as an artist, looking at how he transforms people’s  perspectives through his sculptural art, storytelling. We touch on some  interweaving philosophies and practices like biomimicry, ancestral  skills and how creativity lends itself to state resistance. In the  second half, Hannes debriefs my experience at Boulder Outdoor Survival  School.



Hannes’ Instagram

Burnside Nest

Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Making by Tim Ingold

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