Death Work & Collapse w/ Rachael Rice || The Rewilding Podcast

In this episode I talk with my friend, Rachael Rice. Rachael is an  artist, writer, death worker and certified weirdo who crafts  scroll-stopping content for people who want to shape change. Her work  centers collapse-informed learnings about grief, death, myth, magic and  meaning-making in pale times. A neurodivergent queer witch navigating  multiple health diagnoses and broadly coded as a white cis woman,  Rachael is of Swedish, Scottish, Irish, French, German and English  ancestry living and loving with her partner whose income supports her  work on the lands of the Chinook in Portland, Oregon. She works in a  dozen kinds of media, plays four instruments, speaks three languages,  parents two children, and hollers at one cat, usually not all at once.  In this conversation, Rachael and I discuss what it means to be  “collapse aware,” what death work is and how it relates to societal  collapse, and ways you can engage with it.


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