Hunter-Gatherers & the Search for Meaning w/ Dr. Leonard Martin || The Rewilding Podcast

In this episode I chat with Dr. Leonard Martin, retired professor of the Behavioral and Brain Sciences Program Psychology program at Georgia University. We talk about the important distinction between what James Woodburn labeled “Immediate-Return” and “Delayed-Return” societies, and how the transition from immediate-return to delayed-return transformed human culture, psychology, and behaviors. Dr. Martin has written several essays on how this transition may have affected our mental health and thoughts. In particular, how has this changed (or created) what seems like an innate human quality, the search for meaning…

Articles by Dr. Leonard Martin

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Hunters and Gatherers

Book Resources

Limited Wants, Unlimited Means: A Reader on Hunter-Gatherer Economics and the Environment, Edited by John Gowdy

The Lifeways of Hunter-Gatherers: The Foraging Spectrum, by Robert Kelly

The Diversity of Hunter-Gatherer Pasts, Edited by Bill Finlayson & Graeme Warren

The Egalitarians: Human and Chimpanzee, by Margaret Power


Social dimensions of death in four African hunting and gathering societies

Egalitarian Societies, by James Woodburn

Why everything you know about wolf packs is wrong