Living in Complex Colonial Contexts with Lucy O’Hagan || The Rewilding Podcast

Today, my guest is Lucy O’Hagen, the founder and head of Wild Awake! Ireland. I’ve followed Lucy’s work for several years and continue to feel deeply inspired and in awe of the programs that she creates. I’ve been wanting to interview Lucy for some time now. Firstly to elevate her school, but also, while our organizations are similar in style and content, the cultural and historical context in which they sit is very different. This is something I find interesting and wanted to know more about. If rewilding is to be widely appealing, we need to understand the multiple contexts that make it look and feel different so that we can understand how to appropriately rewild in these contexts. One that stands out to me and is colonialism and how it affects different groups and demographics around the world, and how this influences rewilding. This is an area that Lucy and I explore in this episode. Enjoy!

Lucy O’Hagen

WildAwake! Ireland (website)



Lucy’s Inspirations:

Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv

Forest School

8 Shields

Circle of Life Rediscovery (

Woodcraft School (

Lynx Vilden (

Braiding Sweetgrass

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