Depression & Rewilding w/ Sheila Henson || The Rewilding Podcast

I’ve lived with depression for most of my life. I’ve learned to  manage my symptoms in order to function and live a more fulfilling life.  I’ve dedicated this episode to working through some of the areas of  overlap between depression and rewilding. This is a very personal topic  that lives close to my heart. I was originally planning on doing this  one solo, but I realized that it would be more impactful if it were in  conversation with someone who shares similar but different experiences  with depression.

My guest on this episode is Sheila Henson. Sheila received  her BA in History and an MA in Education, spent twelve years as a  behavioral respite worker for children with special needs, working for  many of those years at the Serendipity Center in Portland. Today she is  an ADHD Coach, and is a well known and respected educator on tiktok. The  drive to understand how to be kind, collaborative, and restorative  within our social and ecological communities led her to Rewild Portland,  where she now serves on the board of directors, heading up our  transformative justice committee. Sheila and I also co-teach a Rewilding  Your Health class through Rewild Portland. 


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