A Bunch of Bifaces


I’m not that great at flint-knapping. It’s one of my goals this year to be able to make nice arrowheads from a larger core of obsidian. At Echoes in Time this year I made a couple of handfuls of bifaces, a flat stone with one solid edge all the way around, created mostly through percussion flaking. These are basic tools in and of themselves, but they are refined through pressure flaking, which I’m still not great at with obsidian. I can do a glass bottle because they are relatively easy since they are a consistent width. The hard part of working obsidian is getting a consistent biface to then pressure flake. These were made from poor blanks and are fairly decent. I used a copper bopper for most of these but also played around with some light, rounded sandstone hammer stones. I feel like I’m finally getting a knack for knapping.