Aliens Vs. Rewilding

Poseur Hipster Douchebag or Inner-Dimensional Reptilian Shape-Shifter?

I’ve had a couple people ask me lately if I “believe in aliens”. This subject used to fascinate me as a child. I read all about UFO’s, exhausting the school library and moving onto the public library. I even spotted a few of them hovering above my elementary school. I had a passion for anything paranormal. Later in life that translated more to the spiritual side and towards animism. These days I hardly think about aliens, so when someone asked me if I believed in them I had to think about it for a second.

I can only answer this question with another question, “What do you mean by aliens?” People want to know if I believe that “life exists on other planets”. This makes no sense to me because I believe that planets themselves have life. On an atomic level, we all come from the same building blocks. What separates one atom from another? What makes one collection of atoms “alive” and another not? That’s all just bullshit science jargon to me. I could care less about atomic levels or quantum physics. I can extend my empathetic sense to include “inanimate” objects in space. Or even, to space itself.

Do I believe in “little green men”? No. Pleiadian inner-dimensional reptilian travelers? No. The Grays? No. Venutian Light Beings? No. What do I think about Area 51? I think the military has a top secret base there, where they experiment with aircraft. What do I think about the Roswell incident? I think some pilots crashed an experimental aircraft. How do I explain all of the UFO sightings? I’ve seen lights in the sky before. I’ve also seen similar lights in Sweat Lodges. Something exists out there that makes those lights appear. I might call them spirits before I would call them aliens. “Aliens” to me mean little green men or the Grays. But even the term “spirits” seems to carry a lot of baggage.

I think that how we define “life” as civilized humans, probably exists somewhere out there in the infinite universe of time, space and dimensions. But I don’t think that any industrialized humanoids could survive an industrial economy like ours long enough to get off of their planet. It looks very culturally narcissistic to me, part of the myth of progress, that all lifeforms quest for industrialized civilization. Which leads me to my next point: Alien mythology stems from people who have no localized mythology. No stories that connect us to our place. We live as aliens to our own landbases searching for meaning in the stars rather than right where we stand. Always looking out to the lands that we have yet to conquer and bring “progress” to rather than seeing the magic and spirit of the place that we live. It makes me sick. Fuck aliens. Aliens and robots.

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  1. Urban… how can you exhaust your library of ufo books and not believe… perhaps u werent studying the real scholars in this field of research… the scholarship on ufos/aliens/grays is quite adavnced nowdays…and how can a good tracker ignore volumes of data and research? maybe u could just care less about it i guess.

    i recently came accross a good blog of a medicine man named Red Elk, if u havent heard of him.. i believe he was trained by Stalking Wolf.. and he sure does believe in aliens/ufos/reptilians ect. even saying hes had experience with them, though he mostly writes about God, and the return of the native ways…

    check it out,

  2. Wonderful, Scout! I think feel that same way Scout. I do know that I have felt that “believe” leads to “faith” and “faith” leads to one not using their own senses or that when they believe they never actually sensed what they believe; if one believes something they probably didn’t use their senses on that something or they would probably say they saw it, felt it, tasted it, etc. Personally, I don’t believe. I sense and try to relive sustainable stories. And, if I didn’t sense something MYSELF then I definitely don’t believe such and such exists. I have spent time looking, smelling, tasty, touching, and listening for aliens and have realized that pretty much any thing that enters Gaea’s atmosphere gets called alien by me, therefore, I call asteroids, meteors, and sunrays aliens to a certain extent. When somebody asks me if I believe in something I first feel like explaining that I have trashed and stopped using that word “believe” altogether and started just using my senses and experiences. Eric

  3. [edit]: I didn’t mean to say, ‘I think feel that same way Scout.’ I meant to say, ‘I feel the same as you about this scout, Urban Scout.’

  4. quote: “Which leads me to my next point: Alien mythology stems from people who have no localized mythology.”


    Native American folklore, where legends of “Star Beings” can be harvested from the American Southwest to Tierra Del Fuego. In story-telling traditions dating back to antiquity, the gods once descended from heaven to impregnate barren females in remote villages. Mothers bearing these strange seeds would then nurture and raise the “Star Children” until the age of six or thereabouts, when the gods would return to reclaim their progeny, leaving villagers staring up into the infinite night.

    “Our attitude to what goes on up in the heavens is what rules us Aboriginals. Its similar to religion, whereby Christians believe in a religious world ruled by one God, but many “Saints”, we believe the same only the many “saints” to us are planetary ones whom you in the the Western world refer to as ET or aliens.

    We call them Wandjinas and Mimi Spirits, and have done so for thousands of years, until 1788, when an English concept of the above was interestingly enough (found to be) parralel to what we have practised for eons; that we commonly refer to as our Dreamtime, that began in the Milky Way.”

  5. Me, I don’t like to attribute meaning where there is none, or where I don’t know what it is. Sure, there are lights in the sky. Sure, there are apparently intelligent entities with whom we can interact which are not like us. Are they extraterrestrial in the sense of having evolved on a different planet? I don’t know, nor is the question important to me. Are there any extraterrestrials in that sense? Probably, but it’s a question nobody can currently answer with authority. Are there extraterrestrials in that sense which are locally interacting with humans currently? I doubt it for a number of reasons, but I don’t discount the possibility.

    I am, of course, directing this mainly at TheModernScout, who seems to have missed the part where you mention that you’ve seen lights in the sky. TheModernScout, why do lights in the sky have to be the same thing as aliens? Why can’t they be something else, such as spirits, or magneto-plasma flares, or top secret experimental aircraft, or something else, or some or all of these? Why the dualist attitude that lights in the sky must be either nothing at all or one particular thing?

    Eric, awesome. Beliefs are a mistake. Better to work with what we experience and ignore any meaning we might impose on those events. It’s like the guy once said, “convictions cause convicts”.

  6. Aliens. well i guess if they are out there and come to earth that means they probably messed up there own planet to get there technology. If they did that then they probably have a take over and conquer attitude.
    Mostly i think it better to spend time training myself to not be an alien on this planet.

  7. well i didnt mean to make it sound that if you see lights then it has to be greys or something, i said how can you exhaust libraries full of books on the subject and say plainly that u dont believe they exist…today there are studies that nearly prove the existence of these “aliens” as i said this field of research is extensive and some take it very seriously…. i guess my last post must have been censored where i showed that native american peoples and aboriginal peoples accross the world who have intimate connection to place and their lands have mythology about beings from the stars coming down to them and even saying that these beings is what people would today call aliens or ets…

  8. If there are aliens, we’d better keep our head down! Who knows if they’d do to humanity what Europeans did to the Indigenous?

    I think interstellar space travel is possible, in theory. Just not in the way we’ve gone about our own reckless and dangerous technological progress. It’d likely take thousands, not hundreds, of years to undertake such endeavors in a responsible manner. In fact by that point you’d might as well call it magic…

  9. “But I don’t think that any industrialized humanoids could survive an industrial economy like ours long enough to get off of their planet. It looks very culturally narcissistic to me, part of the myth of progress, that all lifeforms quest for industrialized civilization.”

    Very good point.

  10. thank you scout,
    I think this is a very rich question, not about aliens so much but about peoples relationship to self and environment though mythology.

    one of my great teachers John Thompson(a English naturalist and zoologist from back in the days when the most sophisticated tools you had in the field was a fountain pen and you power of observation) once made a very acute observation. he said that in his experiences, UFO lore was a very contemporary development. only really existed in England since the 50s-60s. before that England was filled with ghosts. and now all the ghosts had gone. before that it was fairies and pixies who would abduct you, steal your children and threaten you herds. before that it was probably spirits or gods.

    the development of lore is not hard to connect. and easy to see that pixies don’t make since any more to the contemporary materialist. but aliens do, somehow.

    i think its very right to call ET.s magic, coleus….. they are.
    but magic has been co-opted by technological civilization. in times that every day is filled with such supernatural(or sub-natural) experience of technology, such as every other guy having a crystal ball in his pocket that can tell him almost anything and allows him to communicate with others over long distances with a touch of a finger.

    its hard to change your way of thinking about these experiences, when our physiques are permeated with material, technological, sub-natural thinking.

    i have seen UFOs, i too was fascinated with UFOs as a kid, and even watch the odd reptilian video. i don’t discredit any of these experiences. its clear to me that there is a life beyond biology. and now and again i wonder if the is a sentience beyond what we know as sentience. but i think it is a part of THIS earths life and always has been.

    and i think it important that scouts and rewilders try to rewild how they perceive these phenomena, because civilization made us think aliens.

    so cheers scout!
    fuck aliens! and fuck robots!

  11. Great conversation.

    @ ModernScout

    The “scholarship” you refer to is based on personal accounts and conjecture made from a technological civilized paradigm, not shared observed reality or concrete physical evidence. These are personal accounts, from personal experiences, from people who have been raised in the environment of civilization. I do not discount these experiences as “not real” but I do see that they are colored by the civilized paradigm. As Anthro-Punk said, “Magic has been co-opted by civilization.” Of course, to the civilized paradigm, they steal the magic away by using “science” (which it actually isn’t at all) to “explain” away the spirits as aliens. The idea goes, “Those idiot primitive people believed in evil spirits! What they thought were spirits and gods were ACTUALLY Aliens from another planet!” The worst of this is when white people try to label indigenous cultures mythologies as alien worship. Kill the culture, and twist the mythology to fit our own.

    There is no physical evidence of “aliens”, as in, little green men. Believing in the conspiracy theories that the world governments have kept this information, or this physical evidence, from us is a reflection of the illusion that they have power to do something like that. The greatest illusion that governments can project is that they have the power to hide shit. Especially in this day and age, when EVERYONE has a personal camera on their phone.

    The ONE example of indigenous mythology you provided is very unbelievable as well. In the quote you posted (please link to the source of the quote) the author says, “The Heavens”. Indigenous peoples didn’t invent “the heavens”, white missionaries brought that ideology here. Immediately you can see a civilized influence on this quote. Most of the mythology of “sky gods” that civilized people have twisted into our concept of aliens do not come from indigenous hunter-gatherers, but from Old and New World Civilizations. For some reason, agriculturalists worship sky gods. Perhaps because of the relationship between crops, the sun and the moon. Who knows?


    and a few of the scholars:

    the natives didnt have a word for wilderness either, wilderness is a white term meaning out there in the wild, scary, uncivilized ect… but it still is what it is so just because he uses the word heavens doesnt mean the essential belief and the core of the mythology of the aboriginal is influenced…plus i doubt that native mythology for generations would change after only 100 years of white influence… they still have their elders who know their history…

  13. Hahahahahahhahahahahaha. WOW. Those links are priceless. Exactly what I’m talking about.

    Wilderness is a great example of a linguistic paradigm that only exists in the imagination. “It still is what it is”. No. It “is” nothing but an imagined concept, that doesn’t exist outside of civilized peoples minds. Just like aliens.

    For you to say, “i doubt that native mythology for generations would change after only 100 years of white influence… they still have their elders who know their history…” is really just appalling and shows your severe ignorance of the culture of occupation and genocide and colonization. Have you read any history? Are you aware of the last 5,000 years? Before commenting on here again, I suggest reading about the history of the United States at least. Or better yet, you might want to stick to your alien websites. Not sure if this is the site for you.

  14. I have been reading a lot about Neandertals and am quit fascincated by them. We, meaning non-Neandertals, were abviously aliens to them and most of us would be aliens to our Ancestors. We would be unrecognizable.

    Read, “The Neandertal Enigma.”

  15. we’re kind of like a modular organism growing on a rock that eventually sprouts appendages that fling spore seeds out to find another rock. reproduce and consume. theres probably a half way decent chance that at some point in the vastness of time and space you might run into a little green man or two.I mean shit; if things dont implode in the next hundo yrs WE will create little green men in the lab. and if it goes for another 1000 you can throw in some wierd holographic time bending which could pretty much explain any ufo

  16. The idea that human beings are from this earth to begin with comes from an industrialized/civilized/modern/controlled/programmed society… man could have come here eons ago, there could have been societies rise and fall over milliions of years… and how could you keep mythology alive that long… thus you would believe that you have always been here…archeology from this societies could be under seabeds buried by long hardened over magma/lava and other natural disasters… not to mention hidden away and kept secret by those who control this modern civilized world… in order to perpetuate the comman mans worldview and thus keep him enslaved… the human could have origonated somewhere on some planet which has now long gone supernova, it could be humans have been “caretakers” of the galaxy longer than they have been “caretakers” of the earth…

  17. my last comment, so i dont appear as some conspiracy nut who worships aliens…lol… i was just reading your book online and i pretty much agree 100% with u and your “rewilding” approach what u are doing is actually quite admirable… we nearly have the same views in general… i first read the tracker by tom brown. when i was 12 and have read all of his books many times over and practice all that is in them since… later dropping out of highschool and doing kamana home study by jon young and studying all of the materials by jon young and cds by ingwe and ect… so.. 12 years of that type of study now…only i have studied “conspiracy theories” indepth for the past 3 years or so… and seen that society/civilization is based on corporatsim and one cannot understand civilization without understanding the “conspiracy” part of it… which is at the heart of its “progress”… and this study is intimately connected with aliens/ufos/underground military bases/freemasonry/ect. at the the higherlevels…

  18. U.N. Appoints ‘First Contact’ for Visiting Space Aliens
    Published September 27, 2010
    | NewsCore

    The United Nations is set to appoint an obscure Malaysian astrophysicist to act as Earth’s first contact for any aliens that may come visiting.
    Mazlan Othman, the head of the U.N.’s little-known Office for Outer Space Affairs (Unoosa), will describe her potential new role next week at a scientific conference at the Royal Society’s Kavli conference center in Buckinghamshire, England.

    this is funny i had to post it.. considering the subject.

  19. Just a note back to Anthro-punk, the terms ‘faeries’ is a relatively recent one to denote the whole groupings. The term itself springs from the french word for ‘enchanted’ or ‘magical’ and wasn’t the term folks used for their encounters with the others. The exchange would be “What kidnapped young Tommy?” and the response would be, with a sad shrug. “The magical ones.” Things that could look like humans but were decidedly not.

    In essence, spirits and / or gods. 🙂

    In the fun aliens vs. debate, I’ve just got to throw in an amusing segment, heard on Art Bell a decade or so ago — it reframes aliens as extra-dimensional, not extra-terrestrial beings.

    Fun aside, what I’ve been trying to wrap my head around, Scout, is how to describe certain behaviors common to ‘life’; I guess a different way to put it would be: energy, slowed down energy (matter), transitional states (‘life’). Maybe. Still feels too damned divisive. I like describing things by verb. “That coyoted yesterday.” but there feels like a step missing. Not sure. Ah well.

    And hey, that baby-devouring ritual sacrifice we reptiloids did last weekend to secure the mid-term elections for our supreme cold-blooded leader? That rocked! Good to see you there and hope to see you again when the infiltration of Google has been completed.

  20. I am a grade 8 school teacher on a First Nations Reserve in “South Western Ontario, Canada.” Only a handfull of the 2000 residents know anything about their mythology/religion. There are only two, yes two older people who even speak the Native Language. More people go to Church than practice the OLD WAYS. The Native Language program was shut down last year because no one is able to speak fluently in the home. Most First Nations are fully assimilated into this psychotic culture because they must survive somehow.
    I know more about First Nations History and Culture than the 13-14 year old students in the classroom and I am a second generation European.

  21. What about metaphysical shit Vs rewilding or ayahuasca Vs rewilding??

    Looking forward to the conspiracy blog. Man that’s is going to stir up some shit!

  22. ..and scre Intel, “the pioneers of tomorrow”…”Today” was supposed to be so great to the imaginations of 50 years ago, but the great advance is that people walk around like zombie idiots tracing ephemeral trajectories on little screens in the palms of their hands…

    take flying in airplanes…a pretty amazing thing comparable to time traveling, but the conditions and price of doing so (uncomfortable, cramped, pollution creating and resource consuming, epidemic porters) are pretty steap…so is it an advance or retreat? and based on whose trumping value system?

  23. “On an atomic level, we all come from the same building blocks. What separates one atom from another? What makes one collection of atoms “alive” and another not?”

    Have you found that people – even apparently intelligent people – will seem to either understand this point or not, and if not, cannot be persuaded or even made to understand?

    For me it causes no end of frustration that an idea of prime importance appears to be incommunicable.

    I don’t go along with your U-turn rejection of ‘aliens’: seems reactionary; I think the right answer is, “I don’t know, maybe they really do love the taste of redneck.” 🙂

  24. OK, over the years and in the process of figuring out what I believe about stuff (and frankly, if we’re honest with ourselves, that process never ends), I ran across James Lovelock and his Gaia Hypothesis. Basically it is the notion that the biosphere is one giant living organism and that all smaller life forms on this planet function as parts of that living body. So much so that we even created the atmosphere in the form it exists today, the atmosphere being what started Lovelock in formulating his hypothesis since he is an atmospheric scientist.

    Basically, life didn’t evolve on Earth because Earth had the ideal conditions. Life-as-we-recognize-life just happened to start here and then created its own ideal conditions. As all us life forms evolved, the so-called “nonliving” parts of the planet changed too.

    As I spent some years pondering all the ramifications of this, I came to realize that space travel is pointless. Especially if we think we’re going to space-travel in order to terraform other planets.

    Because if Lovelock is right, making a planet fit for humans to live on requires the evolution of a whole bunch of other life forms first, who then prepare the planet for us to come along. And that’s not a good way to phrase it because those other life forms didn’t develop here thinking “ooh, we have to prepare the planet for humanity to come along!”, but I hope you get what I’m trying to say. Anyway, that process takes a LONG damn time. And we don’t have that length of time to make another planet fit for us without having to use life-support machinery. And you know as well as I do how easy it is for machinery to fuck up and everything depending on it to go wrong.

    So. Pointless. For that same reason, no aliens would ever come here. This planet isn’t fit for them to live on, otherwise we would have their species here already. Think about how Europeans dealt with syphilis when they caught it from American Indians, and how American Indians fared even worse with smallpox, and consider that even if a visiting life form was carbon-based and protein-based like we are, doesn’t mean it’d have the right kind of proteins, even… man, it’d be a mess.

    Either they’d have to kill us or they wouldn’t even try to settle here. So it’s doubtful they’d try to visit either. Except maybe to make a record of us and then leave again. So why fucking worry about it. I’m not gonna. It’s fun to tell stories about but that’s about all it’s good for.

  25. To take a page from Carl Sagan, most likely any alien race will have destroyed itself long before any possible window of electromagnetic communication with us opens. Just like we’re on our way towards!

  26. Hey Urb. can i use your cell phone, i need to call home, i’d use telepathy but even since ive been drinking the tap water here.. i’ve lost my powers. or maybe u could help me send them a smoke signal.

  27. I like McKenna’s take on UFO’s, in this video:

    It gets interesting around 3:44, when McKenna says,

    “In looking at the effect [of UFOs], not asking the question, ‘What is it?’ but asking, ‘What does it do?’ you very quickly see what the flying saucers are doing. What they are doing is eroding faith in science. They are an anti-dote to the scientific paradigm that has evolved over the past 400 years and which has led us to the brink of global catastrophe. Within structure of the human psyche, there is something like a governor, something like a monitoring circuit, which when a society begins to evolve in a pathological or lethal direction, phenomena can be induced, not by the egos of men and women, not by their institutions but by the over-mind, the collectivity of the human species. Phenomena can be induced which are so corrosive to the ideologies currently in place that their underpinnings are cut away, their validity is called into question, and their programs for social development and control are invalidated and destroyed. Rationalism, scientific technology which began and came out of the scholasticism of the Middle Ages and the quite legitimate wish to glorify God through an appreciation of his natural world, turned into a kind of demonic pact, a kind of descent into the underworld, a Nechaea, if you will. Leading to the present cultural and political impasse that involves massive stock-piles of atomic weapons, huge propagandized populations cut-off from any knowledge of their real histories, male-dominated organizations plying their message of lethal destruction and inevitable historical advance. And into this situation comes suddenly an anomaly, something which cannot be explained. I believe that that is the purpose of the UFO: to inject uncertainty into the male-dominated, paternalistic, rational, solar myth under which we are suffering…”

  28. Hey, thanks for the post. It’s kind of relevant to one of my current frustrations. I know a guy who’s way deep into the shit pile of conspiracy theories, including the Reptilian Humanoid thing.

    My perception of the whole thing, aliens, conspiracy theory, and the whole realm of stuff they call “Truthism” or something like that, is pretty much like what you’ve said here. (ugh, he posted a thing about global warming being a hoax AGAIN on facebook, so I sent him a long rant making a similar point to this comment.)

    I feel like it’s all a waste of time, especially when there’s a planet, and landbases right here right now to take care of! While people are pouring their energy into researching correlations and possible life elsewhere, the life here on Earth and on our landbases is going to suffer!

    I’ve talked to him about rewilding before, and he’s interested. One time he sent me a message saying, “The environment provides everything that people need to make their living, we don’t need empire” (this is a paraphrase, not an accurate quote, can’t remember his specific wording but it was along those lines). I was thinking “cool” while reading this, but he just seemed to revert back to the conspiracy based stuff.

    Anyway, recently I told him that the only truth that I really know and think I ever need to know, is that we need to use our time and energy making sure that life for all the non-humans and the wild indigenous humans who really deserve it, can continue on. And when I say that they deserve it, I feel like that’s the real reason in my heart I want to rewild. Because all those people who have known how to do it right all along really don’t deserve to die at the hands of people who are doing it wrong. I don’t need scientific fact to be convinced that’s true. >:( Suck on that, truthers.

  29. Er, I realize that my last sentence in my previous post might be offensive and unnecessary after posting it, if you want to remove it that might be a good idea. I’m just frustrated with the whole confused truth thing. LOL but then again I shouldn’t be wasting my time bothering with them when I could be rewilding, right?

  30. “Truth is ALL ONE.”
    “There is only ONE TRUTH”

    i think its ALL interconnectd Liana…
    no need to throw the baby out with the wash.

  31. if you are saying there is no point in studying conspiracies ect., well isnt there an enemy of the “earth” or “landbases”… and isnt that the huge corporations/governments/empire, so dont you need to know your enemy…dont you need to study the people who dont rewild and know how they live/think and understand what is behind the destuction…rather than thinking man evolved into tribes then cities then empires naturally.. dont you think there was an AGENDA in moving away from living with the earth…an AGENDA TO CONTROL CIVILIZATION…why else destroy all native cultures…i dont think empires just happened and progressed naturally i think they were planned purposefully and controlled with an agenda in mind…killing 40 million natives in north america was not a conspiracy theory…this(current state of global society) is a long drawn out plan…

  32. Conspiracy theories are a waste of time. Pure and simple. Yes, there is an empire bent on our destruction. The mythology of our culture is the agenda. The mythology is not a conspiracy, it’s the mythology. The plan is a cultural blueprint of growth and farming, but if you think there is a conspiracy at the helm, that’s fine, the point is, it doesn’t matter.

  33. i guess all that really DOES matter is “am i being GRANDFATHER or am i being the Fisherman?”

  34. Nope. That doesn’t matter either. Grandfather was made up, so if you were Grandfather, you’d be a figment of the imagination of a preacher’s son. Sure sells a lot of books though.

  35. you mean kinda like UrbanScout, a made up nobody selling off the ideas of others as his own? rotfl hahaha

  36. The “JOURNEY” of rewilding/deprogramming/remembering/returning to what we have lost is WHAT MATTERS.

  37. Maybe I was being harsh with my words, but my reason behind thinking figuring out conspiracies is a waste of time is: All that stuff just leads us to the same conclusions, that empire is made up of people who want to control people’s lives for the sake of growth and profit, and self benefit. They don’t really care who or how many they hurt in their missions for growth and profit. At least when people show me conspiracies that’s what I see. Urban Scout is saying: stop wasting your time studying the little details of these (well maybe not stop entirely, I mean you can learn things to avoid in the future). Sometimes I wonder though if conspiracies are bits of broken information that people piece together based on correlations and similarity or coincidence. The reason they’re a waste of time, is that during that time people are speculating on them, the people running the empire can still easily get away with environmental destruction and fucking everyone over, because people who would have the motive to do things to stop them or counter them, or free themselves are so busy studying conspiracies, sitting and thinking, rather than actually doing anything. Please don’t think I’m bashing the process of thinking or strategy, but do pay attention to WHAT you’re spending precious time thinking about, and whether it actually contributes to bringing down the empire who is benefiting when we waste time.

    Also you’re completely confusing “conspiracy” and mythology which keeps us distracted. I don’t think that reading conspiracies are a part of deprogramming. There’s lots of injustice done by corporations and other people which has been revealed without conspiracy. To me, strategizing and making conspiracy theories don’t seem the same. For instance, it’s a theory. Strategy is planning based on what you know, not theorize about a system.

    I don’t think I need conspiracies to make me understand just how backwards the culture’s mythology is. People around me speak and act on it every day! For example, my parents care about the environment, but when I was ranting and venting about destruction of ecosystems to make way for “development” my mom replied “but people need a place to live.” That sounds like a statement based on the growth mythology to me.

    I’ve said what I wanted to say here, in hopes that maybe it would clarify my thought process. But I’m not going to spend time arguing here anymore, there are much better uses of my time.

  38. There is one conspiracy theory called the Rewilding of American, no joke, where supposedly

    50% of the United States is going to be set off limits to us nasty humans!!!!

    We used some terms in the above quote that need to be defined.

    * ‘Wilderness area’ is defined as the habitat of plants and animals. All human activity is to be forbidden.

    * ‘Buffer Zones’ are those areas surrounding the wilderness areas. Limited and strictly controlled, only access is to be permitted by humans. No organized activity, such as work, or homes, or cities, will be allowed. Knowing how dictatorial government works, any humans allowed to be in these Buffer Zones will probably have to be given special permits. And, of course, paramilitary forces will undoubtedly have to be patrolling these zones, enforcing the limited human access.

    * ‘Cooperation Zones’ are the only zones where humans will be allowed to live, and presumably, work.

    but that is actually a postive for the “scout people”

    though Urban will probably debunk this in a flash of lighting, for your awareness anyways.

    The Agenda 21 document contains 40 chapters which address issues that range from controlling water, land, air, and minerals, to policy recommendations for disposal of toxic and hazardous wastes, to technology management and transfer. There are many other facets of the program including managing the role of women and children, and the role of indigenous people in the process.

    In short, it is an all-encompassing, revolutionary plan for controlling the entire population of earth, marketed under the slick packaging of environmental and ecological necessity.

    It is the obvious opinion of these global marxists, that humans are the scourge of the earth. They contend that we are destroying everything around us. If we are not stopped, they lament, future generations will be doomed to live in world-wide poverty, while not being able to enjoy a vast eco-system, clean air, clean water, etc.

    In other words, your human activity must be significantly curtailed, or — to be more blunt — every aspect of your life must be controlled, with a heavy hand, to ensure that you are not going to jeopardize the earth’s blessings for future generations.