An Afternoon Knap @ Rewild Camp


This week I had to work a lot so I missed out on a lot of chances to work on my list. My soaking pool turned into a mosquito incubation chamber and we had to temporarily dismantle it. Oh man, did it think stink underneath the tarp! Rotting grass smells terrible. I also felt pretty sick after working all week, so I justified watching season 2 of Dexter, and made some hide glue. I also forgot how much I know about flint-knapping as I decided to impart what I do know to some of my peeps at rewild camp.

I have to say, having rewild camps every Sunday now, combined with my weekly laundry list… I feel like I’ve had much more inspiration and passion to complete many more projects than before. I finally feel like I have a community of the crafty-type rewilding projects again and it feels great. Rewild camp just gets better and better.

Now let’s swiftly move on to my weekly laundry list:

Last Week’s Personal Goals

1. Make “Hide Glue” and blog about it.

I made the hide glue. The blog will come out this week.


2. Write “Addiction vs. Rewilding”

I did this with ease.  Read it here.

3. Shape my Black Locust bow

I totally forgot about my bow. I need to put it in a prominent place.

4. Try to re-moisten the clay pot

I forgot to do that, but when I looked at it today, the bottom had a crack running all the way across anyway. Looks like it dried to fast or I didn’t add enough temper or some other reason that I don’t know.


Last Week’s Rewild Camp Goals

1. Take photos of Rewild Camp kits

My bow-drill kit:


To see the rest of the kits and pics, check out the Rewild Portland thread at

2. Do a podcast debrief of the camp

I need Willem’s help with this, and he didn’t come this week.

Now on to…

Next Week’s Personal Goals:

1. Use hide glue to make mullet paint brush and blog about it.

2. Use hide glue to reinforce the stone drills and blog about it.

3. Write my “Community vs. Rewilding” blog

4. Start my blog on pine needle basket making

Next Week’s Rewild Camp Goals:

1. Take pictures of the pine needle basket making kit.

2. Perhaps shoot some video?

3. Continue to spruce up the food and food presentation at Rewild Camp (now also called Rewild BBQ)

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3 Comments on “An Afternoon Knap @ Rewild Camp”

  1. Dear Scout,

    You sure set a good example in creating a ‘laundry list’, may just start one up myself.

    Am most interested in your pine needle basket blog plus more!

    Thank you 🙂

  2. Is there a cost to this event? Where is it, and can I just show up? How long does it last?

  3. lmfao @ mosquito incubation chamber, that sucks big time >_<

    I really wish I were anywhere near these camps. It does also sound like *gasp* they provide a much better community than the ‘net for this stuff, keep it goin..