My Solar Kit

The following are the specs of my solar kit, what I have to get power and what I need to power.

What I have to get power:

panel-kit.jpgSolar Panel: Battery Trickle Charger
Up to 5 Watts solar power
Current: I=350mAmps
Voltage (open current): Voc=24 Volts

7 Amp Battery Charge Controller
Load: 7A Max
Cut-out: 14.2V
Cut-in: 13V

Battery BP 12-12
12V, 12Ah/C20/1.75VPC/25ºC
Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Rechargabe Battery

Cigarette Lighter Adapter

Power Inverter
Input: 12 VDC, 15 A Max
AC output: 120 VAC/60 Hz
80 W/0.65 A (Continuous)
100 W/0.80 A (5 minutes)
DC Output: 5 VDC/0.5 A

What I have that needs power:

Cell Phone
Input: 120V-AC/60Hz/4.8VA
Output: 3.7V-DC/340mA

AA Recharger for Digital Camera batteries
Input: AC 100-240v 50/60 Hz 7W
Output: DC 1.4V 1050mA (AA)x2 525mA(AA)x4 640mA(AA)x2

Laptop Computer
60W portable adapter
Input: AC 100-240V~, 50-60 Hz, 1.5A
Output: 16.5V=3.65A ADP-60AD B

My Digital Camera Batteries
…don’t have it here right now, I’ll update later.

Current Questions:

1. How long will it take to charge the battery in the winter/summer?

2. How much juice can I get from the battery? Will I be able to charge all the other batteries frequently?

3. How do I connect all this shit?

4. Where should I put the panel to maximize it’s charge?

5. How durable/weather/humidity/water proof is this gear?

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4 Comments on “My Solar Kit”

  1. I do not know how you connect all this shit. I’d like to know the optical density of your camera too. and I’d like to gloat and mention that I have none of these things.

    Nice materials. From wence did they originate?

  2. How do I find out the optical density? And do you mean my digital video camcorder, or my digital still camera?

    I got this stuff online at that really big online website named after a dying rainforest. The funds came from my deceased grandmother. I owe her, and my Grandfather a very big thank you, seeing as how their life long earnings are paying for my freedom… of mind anyway.