Rewild Camp Austin Anybody?

I notice a lot of people from Austin, Texas check out my site, and I have a few myspace friends in Austin. I thought, perhaps, that some austinites would feel compelled to throw a weekend rewild camp? mikerock just formed an e-mail list in yahoo groups for those-rewilding-austin, so if you live there and want to connect with some like-minded folks, peep this list. If you want my help to organize a rewild camp in your area, first read my How To Run A Rewild Camp article and than tell me what you need.

2 Comments on “Rewild Camp Austin Anybody?”

  1. Thanks for the plug Scout! It’s hard to say yet what kind of help to ask you for coz you don’t know what you don’t know till you know you don’t know it, but will be keeping you in the loop!