Rewilding Tech Inventory: Natural Glues

(Left) Dehydrated hide chips in a clay pot: take pieces of deer hide and simmer them in water for like 24-36 hours and they will dissolve. The water boils off and you are left with this glue. Pour it on a flat pan and let it dry out. It breaks up into these pieces. To use again, put in pot and add water to the viscosity that you prefer. It is water soluble so it will not hold up if it gets very wet. (Right) Pine pitch and charcoal glue in a wooden burn bowl. Place pine pitch and charcoal in a pot, add water, dissolve pitch and stir. Add manure to make this even better. Stir/simmer at low heat until desired viscosity or dry out for later use. It does not hold up under very hot conditions as the pine pitch will melt. The horse manure helps prevent this, but not entirely.