Tillicum Wawa Radio Interview


My friends Eugene and Shusli (along with Red Willow) did a pilot for their new radio show Tillicum Wawa on KBOO and in it they interviewed me and my friend Eric Bernando about our Chinuk Wawa classes. We talk a bit at the begining and more later on. Also on the show is Robert Miller, a lawyer and law professor at Lewis and Clark College, author of “America, Discovered and Conquered.” Listen to the podcast here:


After listening, please send an e-mail Chris Merrick, KBOO’S program director and let him know that it was awesome!

2 Comments on “Tillicum Wawa Radio Interview”

  1. lush wawa nayka shikhs, mayka lush yetlin tillicum monk wawa milayt khapa porlan tawn, wik wawa khapa chachifin, n’sayka tiki kanawi tilixum kanamox khapa twax xumxum lacasatte khapa blogtv

    hayu masi