6 Comments on “Upgrading Site!”

  1. I feel so lost, like I’ve wandered into the evil dimension Urban Scout’s blog. Do you have a moustache now?

  2. Thank you! Thank you! thank you! for putting the words on a white background. My eyes don’t hurt anymore 🙂

  3. …yes, less toxic, more “rocks it”! excellent work.

    i know you might not care and have way better things to do but *please* change the absolutely hi-larious “ye old anti-civilization shoppe” to “ye olde anti-civilization shoppe”. minor suggestion aside, i also have some great ancient distressed cursive fonts that would look too perfect. lol.


  4. Hey Williaum,

    Thanks for the tip on the “olde!” I knew it didn’t look right. And yes, please e-mail me the fonts you had in mind. Glad you like the new look.