4 Comments on “Urban Scout’s Portland Book Release”

  1. Thank you Scout!

    Truly enjoyed reading RoD, especially in E-Prime 🙂

    Appreciated your wonderful sense of humour too!

    Hugs, Christine

  2. Scout,

    I’m liking your book so far, even though many of the essays are ones I’ve read before on your blog. Lots of it makes total fucking sense, which is why it makes me similtaniously angry/inspired. Especially the stuff you say about greenwashing and how conservation only works to “conserve” more of whatever for large corporations so they can go on biggering…

    For the wild,
    Miss Possum

  3. Hey Scout ~

    If your tour is passing through SF, I’d be interested in attending and bringing people out. Holler at me if you do. Also – if you need lodging, holler.