“Urban Survival Tips From a Hipster in a Loin Cloth”

(sound) magazine, a Seattle-based NW music magazine gave me a soap box. If you live in Seattle, pick up a copy! If not, read the digital version here:


Special thanks to Paige Richmond, Mark Baumgarten & Kristen Truax! It is such an honor to be in a magazine with The Thermals (probably my favorite Portland band) and the creator of www.icanhascheezburger.com (my favorite website!).

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3 Comments on ““Urban Survival Tips From a Hipster in a Loin Cloth””

  1. Damn! Couldn’t read the fine print, but the headings were interesting. Nice shot, Pet..UrbSco!

  2. Great stuff Scout!

    Shusli, just click on the page you would like to have enlarged… and it is easy peasy to read… once again wow! Great stuff urban… if worse comes to worse, I have food around me, but at this time, would simply like to enjoy them, the live food aka nonhumans 🙂

    Hugs, Christine

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