First, thanks Darrin, Katie, Scot and Christine for your tips! I really appreciate it.

On Friday night I had my Wild Foods Potluck Birthday Celebration and Battlestar Galactica Season 4 premiere at my house in Molalla. I scored a few awesome gifts from my friends. Penny bought me 5 Camas plants and a Willamette Valley Ponderosa Pine, which have nearly experienced extinction at the hands of logging interests.

At the party Willem interviewed me on my current dilemma with E-prime. Should I give it up or keep it going?

I went over to Splat Action Paintball on Saturday. I had never played paintball before but I learned quick and had a great time. I did pretty well for a first timer. It reminds me of how I scored 3 times higher than anyone when I first played lazertag, probably due to my teenage depression keeping me inside playing DukeNukem3D, when you still had to dial-up your friends for a death match. I played a few one on one death match style games with my buddy Tony who shot me in the head.

I skipped my Laundry List last week to report on my arduous failure. It feels easier to have more skills-type content on my site when the weather warms up. So many plants to blog about and eat, so many adventures to have outside…

Urban Scout’s Laundry List Week 54:

1. Blog about Bleeding Heart and that look alike.

2. Blog about making jerky.

3. Blog about Religion Vs. Rewilding.

4. Construct a small deadfall trap for small game.

5. Blog about scraping sinew from meat.

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2 Comments on “W53”

  1. ah, shit. too late for me, about scraping sinew from meat >:-(

    i had the backstrap that i had saved from the last deer tucked away all nice in the freezer. took it out 3 days ago so i could clean it and dry it, and Mutt ate it. to add insult to injury, he then threw it up. ack.

  2. the Nukem ref conjured up a rambling rats nest of memories so involved I had to pause and wonder why. I’ll spare you the litany…

    My sole death match love from the modem days was Descent. I dabbled in Terminal Velocity & One Must Fall, but my fiery passion was saved for Descent. Almost makes me want to find an old machine and joystick.