W54: Ichin’ To Plant

First off, my hat goes off to Jason for your generous tip! Thanks so much.

Urban Scout’s Laundry List for Week 54:

1. Blog about Bleeding Heart and that look alike. (Forgot about this one!)

2. Blog about making jerky. (Yes)

3. Blog about Religion Vs. Rewilding. (Yes)

4. Construct a small deadfall trap for small game. (Forgot about this one!)

5. Blog about scraping sinew from meat. (Yes)

I spent some time working in my yard. I filled these barrels with dirt and planted the nettles in on and the jerusalem artichokes in the other. I’m a little worried that they will dry out in these barrels.

I dug out the grass, which you can see looks more like a marsh, and planted cattail. This dries out during the summer though, so again I worry that it will die. I may dig it deeper.

While digging a hole to plant the pine tree Penny bought me I came across a few wild carrot plants so I transplanted them to the sandy loam pile for now. We found some rather large wild carrots in this same pile last year so I thought they may grow as well as the others.

Urban Scout’s Laundry List Week 55:

1. Construct and set Deadfall Trap.

2. Write about Bleeding heart and that other plant.

3. Build a compost pile.

4. Finish my Collapse Vs. Rewilding draft and post it.

5. Paint Motorhome.

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7 Comments on “W54: Ichin’ To Plant”

  1. What’s poison hemlock? (cough cough) bllaeeeaaadh!!

    I’ve been looking at them for years and only recently became comfortable with telling the difference. I’d like to be able to say, “look at such and such part of the plan” but you know when you’ve been looking at shit and eating it and such… you can just tell the difference. I mean, it’s like I see baby wild carrot all the fucking time now at my place, so if I saw poison hemlock I’d be like… Hm, that plant looks kinda like wild carrot, but it’s not.

  2. imo, an excellent “double check” to tell the difference, if you’re not 100% sure already by sight, is the smell. even the broken leaves of wild carrot smell like carrot.

  3. I heard from my girlfriend that poison hemlock can also give off a very “carroty” smell when broken. Can anyone describe the aromatic difference?

    Really I need to go outside, find out for myself and report back…

  4. Hemlock in my experience has a very unpleasant smell, not very carroty. I happen to not like wild carrot as a food, and it grows so rampantly in my garden that I cannot help but to have a negative relationship with it. I do enjoy the smell it creates when I weedwhack it, though. As far as Nettles in a barrel, — awesome! Nettles like a lot of nitrogen, might be a good place to put your pee! Seriously. Have you ever eaten Camassia bulbs?

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