W56,57: Laying Low

That you so much everyone for your words of solidarity in my current state of depression. The best feeling in this state of depression doesn’t come from bullshit advice, but solidarity in feeling the pain of those around me. Thanks for that. It feels good to not feel this pain alone. So, thank you thank you thank you! And thank you to Jason, David and Christine for throwing some much needed cash into my tip jar.

I feel so fucking sick of e-prime right now that I have almost decided to call it quits for a while! Everyone needs a break now and than, and my curiosity for jumping the hurdles in my way have squelched for the moment. Mostly because I keep wanting to say certain things but have no idea how to do so, which gives me literary blue balls. I feel like you just can’t say certain things with the force of B-english in E-prime. So, don’t act all surprised if you see me drop an “is” or “am” or “are” sometime soon.

I can’t see a headline lately that doesn’t scream collapse. Rice shortage and riots. Stupid fat Americans may no longer have the luxury of a free refill on their rice bowl at a generic Asian restaurant. The following headline spread across the cover of the Sunday Oregonian; “Rising Gas Prices Drive Northwest Commuters To Embrace Carpooling.” I found out this week that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has offered a 1 million dollar reward for the first scientist who can clone meat. Now you can have the great taste of animal flesh, without all that horrible thing called life getting in the way. In response I offer the reward of a life-time of mad props to the person who kills the first scientist to clone meat.

I work 4 days a week now, which leaves little time for rewilding fun, writing my book, cooking my food, laundry, yard work, fixing the motorhome, watching Battlestar Galactica etc. etc. I have to manage my time a lot more now. Basically my job ends at the end of May, so I need to work a lot to save a little cash to coast on until my next money-making scheme, which currently involves me fixing up the HondaCRX in my driveway and working in television commercials again. Unless, of course, you throw a million dollars in my tip jar.

Let’s see what I didn’t accomplish from my non-to-do (remember I tried reverse psychology) list of two weeks ago:

Urban Scout’s Non-Weekly Laundry List for Week 56:

1. Do not construct a dead fall trap.

2. Do not write about Bleeding Heart and that other plant.

3. Do not build a compost pile.

I failed to not build a compost bin. Check it out!

4. Do not write a blog on AdBusters Vs. Rewilding.

I failed to not write this blog, under the name “Irony Vs. Rewilding.”

5. Do not write a blog on Meaninglessness Vs. Rewilding.

I failed to not write a blog on Meaninglessness Vs. Rewilding. It has a sequal coming up called “Denial Vs. Rewilding.”

6. Do not finish painting motorhome.

I successfully did not finish painting the motorhome, although Penny Scout did paint it.

Aside from all that, I did a shit ton of work in the yard. I planted my camas lily’s in the ground, constructed some strawberry boxes for my mom, planted a pear tree to cross-pollinate the pear my parents planted a few years back, purchased some native Salmonberry to plant, bought some arctic raspberries, male and female arctic kiwi’s from my work.

The whole reverse phsychology thing didn’t work either, so I’ll now go back to just failing regular tasks I set out for myself.

Weekly Failure List for Week 57:

1. Write follow up chapter to Meaningless Vs. Rewilding, “Denial Vs. Rewilding.”

2. Work on Pacifism Vs. Rewilding chapter.

3. Research trapping.

4. Shoot MTV Cribs video of my motorhome.

5. Shoot video interview of Penny Scout.

6. Continue work on garden.

7. Make a figure-4 trap and catch something with it!

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4 Comments on “W56,57: Laying Low”

  1. Thank you for reminding me (and we) that some people truly do give a shit. And thank you for helping me (and we) find the courage to strive for an ideal that we may never see fully realized, nonetheless an ideal that is worth everything we’ve got.

  2. Welcome back Scout!

    Looking forward to your interview with Penny Scout 🙂

    Good Luck with your trapping!

    Hugs, Christine

  3. man, vids of the motorhome and penny scout will be pretty cool.

    i’m with you on trapping. i need to find out about that and try it out! i see rabbit runs everywhere.

    all in all, thanks for rockin’ the rewilding world Scout!


  4. Mad props on your blog

    Arctic kiwis are a new plant introduction to this area that open up whole new vistas of cultural options for future generations.That to me is anything but depressing.Sure,some species will die off but the genetic potentials available to us will be greater than has ever existed before.

    Global enviromental destabilization is whats going to knock civilization on its ass so every depressing bit of news is also good news.Critique the cause by speeding up the process!or cling to the past and be depressed.Full speed into the unknown!Keep Planting!