W66,67: Perma-fried

You make one hippie joke… And the next thing you know a permaculturalist mob pounds on your door ready to burn you at the stake! Sure, I may have articulated my thesis poorly and I didn’t use delicate enough language… But in the end, I won the war. So there!

Thanks to Jenna and others for making me think more clearly and walk more delicately on the subject of permaculture. I prefer tirades, but it just didn’t work out with that blog since I didn’t quite know what to tirade about. Much like my piss-poor Robots Vs. Rewilding (which actually I wrote more as a joke than anything). But yeah, I have struggled with the Permaculture Vs. Rewilding chapter for a long time and I don’t think I would have gotten to the clarity I wanted without a little push and pull. Honestly I still don’t quite feel happy with my current piece, but it works for the moment. Once I learn more and read more I’ll have more to add, for sure. On another note… Seriously, don’t fuck with permaculturalists. They swarm worse than mosquitoes and their bites don’t just itch, they sting!

Google ads suck. They make my site ugly and don’t pay off. Twenty-something bucks after 6 months?!? Bullshit! I’ve decided to slowly remove them from my pages. I’ll leave the sidebar for now and see what happens. Not to mention they never quite understood my content. For example my Agriculture Vs. Rewilding chapter always had adds for agricultural products. Hmm. I wonder if I could ever sell ads as an anti-civilizationist. Maybe I could sell adspace to wilderness schools, if I would stop pissing them off with Schooling Vs. Rewilding. I guess I’ll have to rely on generous tips from readers like you. Yeah, you. Won’t you tip this hard working, heart-on-his-sleeve, whole-life-on-display, hunter-gatherer wannabe? Pretty please, with stevia on top?

I also lowered the mark-up of products in my Ye Olde Anti-Civilization Shoppe. Not many people have bought the stuff, so I figured I’d lower the cost and make nothing. I’d rather have people wear the clothes and spread the meme than make a tiny bit of money off sales.

I wrote a lot this last week. I want at least finish all the chapters in my book I have my blog queue. I’ve had a lot of trouble with Civilization Vs. Rewilding and Hierarchy Vs. Rewilding. Both seemingly easy to write chapters, but the information just feels locked up in my head. I want to get it done and start shopping it around because I don’t know how much longer I will have the ability to have it published. You knows how long it will take for the economy to collapse, but I’d like to make sure I get my book in the last printings before that happens.

I taught a Survival Basics class with my buddy Shaun in the Molalla Corridor that went really well. We went over the basic four; shelter, water, fire and food. It takes some stamina to go through all of those in one day. Shaun and I kicked ass though. Although food has little importance in a survival situation (you’ll make it back alive before you die of starvation), everyone there had a real interest in ethnobotany.

The weather has finally felt conducive to move my motorhome into a level position and take the tarp off and seal it up better. I got it moved but still need to coat the top with more water proof shit and seal the windows and duct-tape/seal the cracks in the siding. I’d like to get it completely water-proof this winter. Someday it would feel nice to actually fix it up and make it drivable. Sadly, we have begun our decent and I doubt it will ever live up to its former potential again.

I went to my doctor for my paranoia, anxiety, shortness of breath, panic attacks, fatigue, depression… you know, the common “end of civilization” problems we all face, but often slow us down more than help us think clearly. I’ve sent out a lot of tests of a lot of fluids to pin-point the imbalance. For the longest time I have resisted modern medicine. I hate civilization and I don’t trust the medical industry, etc. But now I have a friend and naturopathic doctor in one! I trust my friends, so I trust my doctor. And shit. I really just need to find a balance and feel good and healthy if I want to take down civilization. Like I said in Meaninglessness Vs. Rewilding, I feel much more likely kill myself than take on any big anti-civ tactics (aside from writing this filthy blog).

Next week I take off to Echoes in Time, a primitive skills gathering in Salem, OR. I went the year before last and loved it. It felt smaller and more intimate than Rabbitstick, and I like that. I don’t think I will attend Rabbitstick this year because of rising gas costs and other travel expenses. I plan to focus my time on flint-knapping and basketry. Possibly some pottery with my buddy Esteban.

See you in a week!

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  1. ooo damn I wish i’d heard of the Salem one when I was up that way this week… I could sure use some primitive skills