W69,70: Back in the Fold

This week I got my allergy test results back. To celebrate my low reaction to wheat, I went camping with a bunch of friends and ate a bunch of hot dogs and beer. We played around with knapping some beer bottle bottoms. I did a little tracking. Willem found a salt lick. Two helicopters buzzed us about 8 times after dark. Weird. Nothing like helicopters at night to stir my inner paranoia.

Now, completely broke and planning my next series of rewilding classes, I started working in television production again. I haven’t worked in that field in a year, and within a few minutes on set I feel like I never left. Except I feel a lot better about it than I did when I left. Not better, just more motivated to work that system to meet my financial and social needs. I mean, how often do you spend all day figuring out how to dangle a glass of coke on a fishing line?

I noticed rain in the forecast, so I made sure to seal up my motorhome, around every window, crack, etc. I even painted the roof with another coat of that motorhome roof sealer stuff. And guess what? It fucking leaked! GrrrrraaaahhhhH! I don’t know what to do at this point. Could condensation build up and make it appear to leak? I don’t know. We’ll see what happens next. I tore out the carpet too. Another mess half done.

Thinking up video ideas comes naturally to me. Actually putting them together, that takes a lot more than I usually have to give. But I still like to write them down as they come and see what happens.

Video Ideas:

Law and Order: Anti-Civilization Unit
Born to Rewild music video
Anti-Civ Canvasser
Maniac Culture

I’ve almost completed my book. You know, when I set out to do this project, I never thought I’d end up writing about the philosophy of rewilding. But the more I tried to do things, I failed because I had no community to do them. I feel like my writing will help generate communities of rewilding. I hope it does anyway. When I finish, I think I’ll stick to more instructional blogs and silly videos and less philosophy.

Chapter’s Left to write:
Hierarchy Vs. Rewilding
Born to Rewild (short biography)
Literacy Vs. Rewilding (I’d love to cut this chapter but Willem will kill me!)
Rewilding Vs. Rewilding
Superheroes Vs. Rewilding
Drugs Vs. Rewilding
Physical Barriers to Rewilding
Diets Vs. Rewilding (need serious editing)

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7 Comments on “W69,70: Back in the Fold”

  1. Not that a tent is exactly like your motor home, but I had a problem with water in my tent for awhile, even after using seam sealer from the store. Then one day I set it up in the yard, this time with no ground cloth. It’s been there for months now, with no more than a drop of water found in it despite several big storms. I think water was getting trapped and/or condensing in between the ground cloth and the floor of the tent. Sometimes things like that, that we think are helping, are just making things worse. Check between layers.

  2. Hey Dan, yeah I can even see he condensation on the metal where I sealed the hole from the air conditioner. I don’t know what to do about it… Perhaps someone at Home Depot will know.

    Gabe, yes exactly! haha. With charts and graphs and things like the chart I made that shows agriculture, a human population growth chart, etc. I want to make a power point pdf that people can download and go out and fuck with people.

  3. “Do you have a minute to blow up dams?”

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha awesome.

    Do you have a minute to tear up some pavement?

  4. “Your donations will go directly to fund the purchase of AK47 assault rifles, C4 explosive charges and parts for improvised rocket launchers.”

  5. Ha!

    Love it, a carpetless Mo-Ho, what did you discover beneath the carpet, when you tore it up?

    Carpetless ho’s rule!


  6. hey Dude, I think a good final chapter would be “Peter vs Rewilding”

    talk about how you kick rewildings ass, then humped it with a knife.

    or something