Week 2: Projectile Vomiting!

I can’t believe two weeks have passed already. Time really flies, especially when you have a million and one projects to work on!

I’ve worked on a lot of shit this week, not so much the hunting and gathering stuff. Willem and I worked on an article about e-primitive (a method of rewilding the english language) that we plan to send in to Green Anarchy magazine after we polish it up. I’ve added, again along with Rix, a shit ton of articles to the rewild wiki. I continued editing the Urban Scout interviewing Derrick Jensen video, made plans to help start up the old video screening I ran a few years back, begun work with Jon Young on a new chapter for the Kamana program! I’ve continued working through the Kamana Program. Perhaps I’ll post some of my secret spot journals here? I’ve experimented with hot rocks, tried to kill squirrels, had lovely conversations about the eminant collapse of civilization…

…And I still haven’t done my fucking taxes! Sasha and I will work on them tonight and mail them tomorrow.

Now we have time for Urban Scout’s Weekly Laundry List; Week Two

Shelter: Slept at Sashas, and in the Tipi. I’ve warmed up to the tipi a little more than before. I have an idea that may work, that involves covering the fire bit with a board or something and allowing more room for two people (me & sash) to sleep in. If I get real crafty, I could find a way to keep hot stones underneath in the winter, heating it all night! This tipi may work out after all. I took the ugly tarp down and put a little parasal on top to block the rain from the smoke hole. Penny Scout suggested this, and so far it has proved great!

Water: I tried to boil some rain water with hot rocks, as you may have read in my hot rocks article. Still trying to figure that one out. Otherwise, I have drank all tap water from various place, mostly Sasha’s.

Fire: I’ve played more with fire in the tipi, again I think it may work out if I keep it small and fueled and the door open.

Food: Tried my hand at hunting and failed. I’ll try again. I didn’t do much herbal gathering this week. A few dandelions. I think I’ll try to focus on a new herb a week for a while and post an article about it in the wiki.

Transportation: Biked & walked.

Hygiene: Still showering once at Sasha’s. This will stop when I get the rock boiling thing down, or when I buy a wok to cook in.

Entertainment: I’ve picked up my banjo which I never really played much and it makes me feel great!

Did I meet the goals for week two? Lets see:

Goals for Week Two
* Try to kill an animal (YES)
* Bathe with water heated by hot rocks (NO)
* Finish making spear (NO)
* Continue to feel out the tipi situation (YES)
* Gather more greens (NOT REALLY)
* Find cheap/free rain barrels (NOPE)
* Take more digital pics (YES!)
* Shoot a short video blog (Well, I shot some video but… video blogs look stupid)

My score this week: 3 out of 7! Not bad for a lazy ass.

Lets make some goals for week three.

Goals for Week Three
* Try to kill another animal (Using traps?)
* Bathe with water heated by hot rocks
* Finish making spear
* Gather more greens & write about them in the wiki
* Make a burn bowl
* Cook 4 meals over a fire (scrabble eggs on a hot stone?)
* Work on Stone Axe
* Gather lots of firewood

Okay, that list feels hefty enough considering all the other bullshit, but this week I’ll try to make these goals my priority and the computerish crap second.

*I wrote this blog in E-prime.*

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2 Comments on “Week 2: Projectile Vomiting!”

  1. Glad the umbrella idea worked! A new Kamana chapter huh? Is it a secret? I’d like to see a video blog!