Week33: Hibernation & Storytelling

The days have become short. I find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. I crave more protein. I would rather sit around a fire in a warm room and do absolutely nothing but stare into the ashes. But I have things to do.

This list shows what I need to accomplish in the next four weeks.

1. Shoot the video for the RealityTV Production Company in LA. (November 18-23)
This will take a day or two and than another day or two of editing.

2. Create a buzz for Derrick Jensens talk in Portland. (Nov. 23-Dec. 10)
This involves internet sites, e-mails, press releases, posters and anything else I can think up.

3. Create installation for show in D.C. (Nov. 23-Dec 15th)
This involves working with photoshop to resize pictures for printing, mailing my Tipi to DC, painting my Tipi, printing photos and finding frames, editing video together to go inside my tipi, finishing my Raccoon hide into a hat (that alone will take a few days), getting all of my “artifacts” together and mailed to D.C.

4. Figure out last minute details for Derrick Jensens trip (Dec.16th-19th)

5. Have cancer-removal surgery on the morning of the 19th.

6. Host Derrick Jensen talk on the evening of the 19th.

This list does not include all the bullshit that goes with Christmas, blogging, Nuclear Winter Formal details, reading list, craft projects, motorhome problems, girlfriend loving and free-time having. Not to mention, finding a job!

I feel like I have lost part of my mind having to do all of this, this time of year. Please bear with me as I juggle all of these things. This site may look a little crazy!

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3 Comments on “Week33: Hibernation & Storytelling”

  1. Dear Scout,

    I see that your life is requesting a lot of challenges.

    Dump the crap off of your list, and focus on what is most important!

    You can do it!



  2. When and where does the installation open in DC? I live on the outskirts of the the DC-Baltimore area, but would haul my butt into the city just to see the show.

    Hang in there with all the end-of-year craziness. Peace.