Sauer Kraut

As some of you may have read early on, Sasha and I eat based on the Body Ecology Diet. Part of this diet involves eating lots of fermented foods, such as Sauer Kraut. I’ve meant to photo-log making it for this site, but kept forgetting until today.

First get a ton of vegetables. I like: Cabbage, Diakon, Beets, Carrots, Garlic, Ginger.

Get some veggie cutting tools.

Then sterilize your cutting surfaces, cutting tools and your containers by boiling hot water and pouring it over them. A grater reeeeeally helps cut down on the cutting.

Wash vegetables with water. Chop that shit up.

Add some salt (not too much) and Sasha always throws a lot of Dill in there for flavor. Then mix it all up.

Put in sterilized jar, fill with filtered water, seal & let sit for a few days. Taste it occasionally to see if it has reached the delicious point. If it goes rancid, you’ll know and don’t eat it.

*I wrote this blog in E-prime.*

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