W51: One Green Job

My begging has finally ceased! I now have a job at One Green World, an awesome horticulture business out in Molalla.

Weekly Laundry List for Week 51:

1. Make Beef Jerky for Penny Scout to take to work.

I actually did this! I didn’t take photos because I felt lazy, so this week I will make more and put photos and instructions.

2. Paint interior of Moho.

I failed this one, again. Not that big of a priority I guess.

3. Tend to my Nettles.

Check it:

4. Begin garden plans.

I will post the garden plan as soon as my mom gives me a “top five” list of things she wants done.

5. Harvest more nettles.

We failed to do this too…

This week marks the last week (52) in the first year of my adventures as Urban Scout. I find it funny that I start a job this week at a horticulture business.

I find it funny that I get a

Weekly Laundry List for week 52:

1. Make a good impression at new job.

2. Write a “year in review” blog.

3. Write a blog on making beef jerky.

4. Post another chapter from my book.

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3 Comments on “W51: One Green Job”

  1. Hey, congrats on the job. As far as jobs go, working at OGW has to be pretty sweet. Get your hands dirty a lot.

    Anyway, a friend of mine from the local permaculture group just went in with me on a wholesale order of plants from OGW, so there’s a chance I will driving up from Eugene to pick it up sometime in the coming week. If so, I’ll make sure I say “howdy.”

    Don’t forget to floss.

  2. so rad. the unceasing canon of your heart just got quad damage…reconnecting to our bodies through the way we make a living, the way we tend and gather what we eat, hail to these most revolutionary acts self-improvement. unlock and unload, brotha.