Week… 30-something?

Oh right. Week 34. Sorry. I have to admit, I haven’t done much hunting and gathering lately. I spend most of my time reading, laying in Penny Scout’s bed and surfing the internet at coffee shops. WTF?

Okay, so I do productive things, just not the things I think I should do. I mean, I have spent a few hours working out the details of bringing Derrick Jensen to town, shot a bunch of footage for a company in LA that plans to pitch an Urban Scout reality show (speaking of, if I get the show does that make me a scab for working in place of the writers who have gone on strike? Haha. I think it does!). The show in DC looks like the only thing keeping me on track with “skills” right now.

As I type this my raccoon hide dries next to the electric heater in Penny’s room. I washed it and scraped it a little more and now I have to dry it and stretch it out so I can brain it, hopefully tomorrow. I feel scared because as I stretch it dry, so much hair has fallen out… and I still have to stretch it again! I hope I don’t have to sport a “bald raccoon” skin cap. Though, some might find that funny…

Somewhere in the mix of shooting the footage this week, Tony found the very first Urban Scout video, the one that started it all. I look a little younger, a little fatter (baby-beer-belly). If you haven’t heard the real origin of Urban Scout, you should read it here.

[kml_flashembed movie="http://www.youtube.com/v/IyKzX1yhU_8" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

Last winter I wrote a blog about how guilty I feel when I stay indoors during the winter. My reasoning for not feeling guilty involved my claim that natives of this region stayed mostly in their cedar long houses during this time of year. Than, a few days ago I cam across this quote in Keeping It Living referencing Lewis and Clark journals:

…the roots were collected “chiefly by the women” who would remain in the water for several hours even in the “depth of winter.”

The women here went in the cold-ass water even in the depth of winter to harvest wapato! I have no more excuses! Darn it. Okay, I’ve wasted enough time on this machine. Back to the raccoon hide.

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  1. Hey I know someone in Portland who wants to go wapato gathering… you two should get a group together! He posted a thread over at ReWild, too, but you probably already saw it 🙂