Week 6,7: My Priorities

I have had a lot of time to reflect these last two weeks, and I’ve decided to take a few steps back, so that I can keep moving forward. What does this mean? It means I decided to rent a room in a house, which means I’ll need to participate in the monetary economy, which means I’ve decided to restart Urban Scout’s Sunday School.

My diet sits atop my list of priorities. Because of this, I can’t eat much of the free food that one finds in a civilized urban environment. If I ate wheat, I could pretty much not have to cook food anywhere. I could dumpster dive bread, eat free meals at soup kitchens and chill with the Vegans at Food Not Bombs. However, I see my diet as an investment into my future by keeping me healthy and free of toxic civilized foods like wheat, dairy, refined sugar, soy, etc.

Because of my diet, I have several restrictions. I need a place to cook all my food. I need a place to store my food. Because I need these things, I need to come to the place where I store my food at least 3 times a day for meals. This does not make travel easy. I scattered my things at friends houses, so I spend all day going back and forth between Willems, where my library sits, and (formerly Sashas) Erins where I store my food. I feel this wastes too much of my time, and does not follow the law of energy conservation. It would feel nice to already live with minimal things, to travel light and rely on other people to help gather and cook food, but alas, at this point in my project it seems I may have jumped a few steps ahead by trying to abandon the rent issue, but also wanting to keep my diet at the top of my priorities.

It just makes more sense to rent a room for now. But, does it really? Has civilization programmed me to not see option number 3? I don’t know. But I feel so lost and scattered due to Sasha and I breaking up that I need to regroup at the very least, get a home base for the summer… And to my luck, a room (a room I almost rented a little over a year ago) at Erins house has opened up and I took it. It feels like a synchronicity, and I would probably feel more tingly in the heart about it, if it weren’t for the fresh wound laid there by the loss of my relationship.

This weekend I attended the Martin Prechtel ritual, which I can’t really talk about. You just have to experience one for yourself to really get it. I’ve started shit back up today (Monday), as I move into the place where my tipi already sits, more permanently.

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  1. Dear Urban Scout,

    Sorry about the pain that you are presently experiencing, I know what it is like, have just lost someone myself … but one never knows, what the future holds. Your Sunday Schoool sounds like the best kind of Sunday School I have ever heard of!

    About your present situation, I hope that it will resolve itself soon.

    I wish you the best of luck 🙂

    Kindly, Christine

  2. I think it is good that you have a real place. One thing that gets glossed over by alot of “Aspiring H-Gs” is that they had a couple of home bases to work out of. Not that I think you don’t know that, but…..

    Anyway, I am glad things fell into place for you. It is not often that things work out that well.

    I’ll give you some support when I come to Portland. The first Lapdance is on me!!!

  3. The girls, they flock to you, Mr. Urban Sex Appeal Scout. 😉 Must be the new hair-do; it’s been working well for me anyway. The girls totally flock to my mohawk (that is, if you read “flock” to mean one or two per year).

    Good job on trusting your hunches and doing what you need to do. If you blindly insist that you will not participate in a monetary economy simply because our culture says you should, then you are still defining yourself based on the dictates of the monetary economy (just in opposition rather than support). If you choose to participate or not, as the spirit moves you, then you are defining yourself based on your own motivations, which seems to me like a more effective (and affective) way to go about dropping out.


    p.s. Relationships suck. It’s a proven fact.

  4. Though it will suck to have to wage-enslave yourself enough to pay rent, I think you will get a lot of piece of mind from being more centralized with your food, library and shelter. Even though the concept of “home” is currently under lock and key, it is not a concept that is contrary to being feral. Though many H/Gs may have been nomadic, they still had a land-base/territory/base-camp to work from. If you can pay a small price in rent to emulate that aspect, then you’re still moving forward, even though you feel like you have stepped back. The synchronicity of Erin’s room opening up, too, seems to be a good omen. I hope this “settling” helps to provide some peace for your soul as you find your path again.

    On a different note, while I’m happy for you that thing ended in a friendly way with Sasha, I almost wish it had been messy so that you could harness that anger and channel it into your other efforts. And so that you could have fun with your friends by dissing her and find comfort in that. But no, I am glad that you ended things well. Otherwise you would have anger–which leads to hate–which leads to the Dark Side of the force. And then your son would have to come along and chop off your arm–after you chopped his off. And then you’d have to throw Tom Brown over the edge of the generator platform in order to redeem yourself and give your son the chance to look upon your face without that mask. (God, I hope you’re not too young to appreciate Star Wars jokes. If you are, I’ve just seriously wasted both my time and yours.)

    All, geekiness aside, I believe you will find your way. I think you already are.

  5. Haha. Trust me Rix, I’ve already got enough anger fueling my efforts. Anything more may cause a system overload and call for a complete shutdown. thanks for the support.

  6. Week 6, 7: (of?)

    My diet sits atop my list of priorities. Because of this, I can’t eat
    Because of my diet, I have several restrictions.

  7. >means I’ll need to participate in the monetary economy

    Hm… I picture urban scout, muddied and loinclothed, wearing a rattlesnake hide bandito mask and brandishing a silver studded rabbit stick – playing the gentleman highwayman amidst the day to day public park hurly-burly. An alter ego for the alter ego.

    Unrelatedly, I read a piece in a paper on the fellow who runs Dark Horse comics in which after making a bit of a fuss about all the toys and comics and movies he’s escorted into the limelight he stated he’s always on the lookout for new talent and fresh ideas, and I thought ‘Could I write a comic?’

    I suppose, under the right conditions, if I had enough free time, I could try.

    ‘What would I write a comic about?’


    Any ideas?

  8. Hey Richard, nice seeing you the other day.

    Originally Urban Scout was going to be a comic book character. My friend Tony who co-wrote the original Urban Scout with me drew a few panels of it actually. Then we decided to make the movie instead. I still have the comic book idea though, just not the mad illustration skills that Tony had. He’s moved on to other projects so the Urban Scout comic is on the back-burner so to speak.

    I love your idea of the alter-ego for the alter-ego. We had something kind of like that drawn up: Bourbon Scout. A Dr. Jekel & Mr. Hyde storyline about what happens to Urban Scout when he drinks alcohol. Of course, this was too close to reality. I think now, Peter Bauer is more the alter ego of Urban Scout than Urban Scout is the alter-ego of Peter Bauer…

  9. Yes. We did see each other, didn’t we. Sorry for my verbosity. I felt mildly ill that day.

  10. >Originally Urban Scout was going to be a comic book character.

    I could… like I said… try.

    I’ve begun visualizing and forming the story. It has legs, I think it wants to walk. Not sure if it’ll run or fly or anything like that.

    I want to help make reverence for the sacred cool again.