Salmonberry Smoothie

Today I went to the Sandy River with Erin and we basked in the sun, played fetch with her dog and foraged some wild edibles. Salmonberries definately felt like the score of the day. Many people ask me why I always carry a bandanna around with me, either around my neck, wrist or tucked in my back pocket. Aside from the obvious, it just looks stylish, they have various uses. I can use it to play blind fold games or I can use it to tie things together. But most relevant to today, I can use it as a container to gather herbs and berries!

Quick bag

Interior Shot

Salmonberries come in different shapes and colors:

Taste the Rainbow

To make a Body Ecology Smoothie I used Salmonberries, Kefir (fermented milk) and Stevia.

I couldn’t just drink it by myself, so Erin and I toasted our glasses to an awesome day at the river.

I took a lot of pictures and when I got home I started a Salmonberry page in the wiki.

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6 Comments on “Salmonberry Smoothie”

  1. Greetings Urban Scout!

    Brilliant idea you have with your bandanna!!!

    Lovely photo of you and Erin 🙂

    Bet the smoothies tasted wonderful naaaaaaaaaa Super Duper!!!

    Thank you for sharing.



  2. Dear Urban Scout-I love Salmonberries. If salmonberries were ripe in my home I would eat them and keep on eating them until I was full. One day I will eat the Salmonberries.

  3. Dear twin-I have ten different colored bandanas. Top uses 1) looking cool 2)washing my face and hands when camping 3) weeping into

  4. Christine,

    I thought I looked a little fat in that photo so thanks for the compliments.


    Yeah, salmon berries are great. I like the red ones better. I don’t know if that’s psychosematic or what. Some of these ones tasted a bit “soapy” more than they tasted sour. Maybe I picked a few too early or maybe the soil there is bad. I wouldn’t think the soil would have bad stuff in it, but you never know these days.

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