Dandelion Fritters: Better Late Than Never

I know most Dandelions have gone to seed. Well, at least here in the Northwest anyway. But you can still find plenty to make a great batch of Urban Scout’s Paleolicious Dandelion Frittersâ„¢. A few weeks back I made a batch, but I didn’t get a chance to post the pics until just now. Hence my long hair. Oh how I miss those golden locks…

I have found many recipes for Dandelion Fritters online and in books, but the majority of them contain wheat and refined sugar (two evils of civilization). The lack of wheat and refined sugar makes Urban Scout’s Paleolicious Dandelion Frittersâ„¢ unique among these recipes. I use corn in place of wheat, and stevia in place of sugar.

This recipe does not use wheat or sugar.

Batter Ingredients:
*1 cup Masa Harina (Nixtamlized, stone ground corn flour)
*1 cup Water
*3 eggs
*3/4 tsp aluminum-free baking powder
*1/2 tsp salt
*1/2 tsp stevia (natural sweetener)

Other Ingredients:
*50 or so dandelion heads
*Unrefined, extra virgin olive oil (although coconut oil would probably work/taste/feel better, but costs a lot)


1. Gather Dandelion heads and rinse them off.

2. Mix batter.

3. Dip dandelion head in batter.

4. Fry it in oiled pan.

5. Once golden brown on one side, flip.

6. Let cool and serve.

7. Eat way too many and get indigestion.

8. Make a quick cup of dandelion root tea to ease your indigestion.

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4 Comments on “Dandelion Fritters: Better Late Than Never”

  1. “Urban Scout’s Paleolicious Dandelion Frittersâ„¢”

    Oh wow, Urban Scout Peter,

    Your Fritters look sooooooooo delicious.

    This one is a must… except I would use organic honey as a sweetner.

    Good that your recipes are tm’d 🙂



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  3. Sounds good except it is almost impossible to get organic non gmo masa harina. You can make it your self from dried corn kernels and ashes.