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Tillicum Wawa Radio Interview


My friends Eugene and Shusli (along with Red Willow) did a pilot for their new radio show Tillicum Wawa on KBOO and in it they interviewed me and my friend Eric Bernando about our Chinuk Wawa classes. We talk a bit at the begining and more later on. Also on the show is Robert Miller, a lawyer and law professor at Lewis and Clark College, author of “America, Discovered and Conquered.” Listen to the podcast here: 

After listening, please send an e-mail Chris Merrick, KBOO’S program director and let him know that it was awesome!

“Free” vs. Rewilding


Now that I’ve decided to make my living from teaching rewilding skills, I find myself in a conundrum. How much money do I charge for my classes? Can you really put a price on information that everyone needs in order to save the planet and live a good life? As it turns out I have found that, yes, you can.

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Aliens Vs. Rewilding

Poseur Hipster Douchebag or Inner-Dimensional Reptilian Shape-Shifter?

I’ve had a couple people ask me lately if I “believe in aliens”. This subject used to fascinate me as a child. I read all about UFO’s, exhausting the school library and moving onto the public library. I even spotted a few of them hovering above my elementary school. I had a passion for anything paranormal. Later in life that translated more to the spiritual side and towards animism. These days I hardly think about aliens, so when someone asked me if I believed in them I had to think about it for a second.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements


Thursday September 9th in Bend, OR. I will be speaking about tending the wild and rewilding at the Real Food and Sustainability Conference, opening for Lierre Keith and later sitting on a panel. Check out the website here:

Wednesday September 15th, Portland OR. I’ll be doing a book reading at Reading Frenzy. ” Urban Scout will read from his book, teach a few rewilding tricks (like fire-by-friction, natural cordage, coiling baskets and mind-blowing sensory expansion), and wrap things up with a Q&A.”

A Bone for Leslie


This week I made a bone awl for my friend Leslie who lives in North Carolina. I also worked on sharpening my knives but I can’t seem to get a super sharp edge no matter how many times I run the knife along the sharpener, nor the angle that I hold the knife. I don’t understand why I can’t get these effing knives sharp. It would make sense if the knives themselves couldn’t hold an edge because of shitty forging, but I’ve tried even my best knives. Why can’t I get it right?!?

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The internet feels rather lonely for a philosophical rewilder at the moment. The redirection of rewilding heavy hitters Jason Godesky and Willem Larsen into personal rewilding projects has seen a huge wealth of philosophy and the marketing of rewilding diminish. sits rather inactive even after switching back to its older, more familiar face. While in real life I see Willem everyday and have rewild camp every Sunday… I have to say life online feels rather lonely.

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“Community” vs Rewilding

Hugs are mandatory.

Gabe, a commenter on my blog, asked me this:

Scout, and others who are identifying “community” as a key missing component in our collective journey toward rewilding, I ask you: how can we (rewild-minded folks) live INSIDE the system now, and in satisfying numbers, and create the community we need to, if not live outside the system for legit fear of getting murdered en masse, offer support to one another on a day-to-day level? I’m talking about intentional community. I’m not talking about a final cultural solution – I’m talking about a solid step in the right direction; toward community. Anyone? Why are we not living in community now? Are we addicted to isolation?

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On Killing Animals, Insects & Plants


In the past couple of weeks I killed my first mammals. One, a rat I trapped without watching die, which felt strange and distant. For a deeper understanding of killing, I killed a rabbit at a rabbit slaughtering and butchering class this last week. I’ve often written about how I don’t see a difference in the killing of plants or animals. That both deserve equal respect. However, killing these mammals both changed and solidified my emotional experience and logical interpretation of killing.

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