Week16: Making Plans With Penny

So, as you may have read in my last post, I came home the other day to find Penny Scout sitting in my kitchen shooting the shit with my roommates after driving some 2000 miles for a surprise visit.

Though it may not have felt like the best time for a visit (trying to pick up the pieces of my alcohol shattered body), Penny has helped me get a few of my ducks in a row this week, driving my broken ass around to get supplies for my next move. Oh, I didn’t tell you? I plan to move out and roam the streets again. Yes, I hate having a steady place and feel the call of the land and streets. So I decided to get a few “back-packing amenities.” Though they don’t really fall into the category of “primitive” per se, they make me feel more free.

* Water purifier
* 2-gallon compressible container
* Canteen

* 8 X 10 camo tarp
* Synthetic zero degree sleeping bag
* Rain Gear & Wool Clothes

* Propane Stove
* Lighter

* Oil, Spices
* Aluminum cooking pan
* Mini grater for grating veggies

* Bike tire repair kit
* Dr. Bronners soap
* Absorbent towel
* Flashlight
* Leatherman
* Notepad & pen

I don’t exactly know yet what I will do with this gear, but I would like to explore some urban nomadicism.

Next up, Penny and I went to Bob’s Red Mill and bought a 25lb bag of whole blue corn. Long ago I had “make blue corn chips” on my laundry list and well, I never did. But now I’ve got Penny Scout to help me with my projects! They always feel more fun with others, especially hot girls.

Holy shit, he actually has a Red Mill.
So we sat down and made a list of possible things to do, not necessarily this week, but in the few weeks that she will stay here:

St. Johns Wort Tincture
Fire Clay Pots
Metate y Mano
25lbs blue corn
calcium sulfate
bike ride exploration
forest park
sandy river
Spring Water Corridor
Antler Wedge
Drum Rawhide
Smoke Penny’s hide
Buckskin Short shorts
Sew Wool Jacket
Pine Needle Quiver
Quickie Bow
Watch/review Tom Elpel videos
Wild Foods Potluck in honor of Penny’s presence
Body Ecology Dinner
Archery Club
make our own Coconut Ice Cream?
Practice Drying Meat!
Fire wood foraging
Willow bark Vinegar
Linden Chocolate!?
Gather Kinnikinik
Gather Yucca

It looks like a weird list for sure. Let’s see just what we do this week!

Oh yeah, Penny also took me to get a cell phone.

I can feel my brain frying!

Okay, I’d better get to bed. I don’t know how long I’ve worked on my computer today, but it feels like a lot. Penny already fell asleep long ago:

Good night folks.

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4 Comments on “Week16: Making Plans With Penny”

  1. “Smoke Penny’s hide”

    See! That’s what I’m talking about. More sex!

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