Mad, Maxed Out

I’ve had a bad week, psychologically. My money has begun to dwindle and I have to face the reality; I live as a slave in a hierarchical system. It makes me terribly depressed to imagine myself behind the counter, serving up another latte to another slave as they head to their slave-job.

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Week14: Real Archers Wear Short Shorts

Ask Urban Scout #2: Apocalyptic Safe Sex!?!

I often receive e-mails and myspace messages from other aspiring hunter-gatherers with questions about what I do, and what I think about things and what people can do encourage rewilding their lives. I have devoted a section of this site to answering those questions publicly so others can give there own feedback as well. I dug this one up from the old myspace archives.

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Week13: Smokin’ Peace With Penny

I spent the first half of this week running around with Penny, touring places and snapping photos. Penny says she wished we would have worked on more primitive skills together, that it would have felt nice to have more time together for those things. I thought, “Well, how long do we have together? How often will we see each other? This seems like a photo opportunity!” So we took lots of photos.

We also went fishing and Penny caught a little guy. We cooked it at her parents house. It tasted like a fish. We also drank a shit ton of sweet fern tea (which actually has no relation to ferns).

We went to Pittsburgh and met up with Jason and Guili from Anthropik for lunch and a movie (I’ll post my review in a few days). Oh, and thanks again for buying me and Penny lunch, Jason!

My plane ride sucked! I don’t know if I’ll ever travel again. My plane could not take off due to weather conditions in Chicago. So I ended up sleeping on the floor of the Pittsburgh airport.

Emily and I definately had romance. Unfortunately, in another great ironic twist, what defines each of us which brought us together, will also keep us apart: we have so many similar characteristics, not excluding our bioregional extremism. Neither one of us will ever willingly leave our place. Not even for love! That’s how much each of us loves the land we live on. Though she plans to visit me out here in October. So expect more photos of us!

For now, enjoy this montage:

Emily Picks Me Up, Birch bark/Charcoal Airport Sign

Post Apocalyptic Fantasy

She Drives Me Crazy!

Yet Another Post Apocalyptic Fantasy

Okay! And now we have time for…


Since I set no real goals for this week, I won’t go through the list. Instead, I’ll set some goals for next week:

Goals for Week14:

1. Burn Bowl

2. Garden at Moms

3. Practice Archery

4. Begin Pine Needle Quiver

5. Set a dead fall trap for a squirrel

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Rewild Camp Portland Needs Your Skillz!

Rewild Camp Portland is a weeklong DIY social experiment/event held using the collaborative group information-share known as “open space technology,” to share rewilding skills and fun times such as: Archery, fire by friction, martial arts, hunting/trapping, stone tools, tan a hide, sensory awareness, capture the flag, backyard campfires, dance parties, wild-crafting, coffee shop conversations, impromptu dance parties, spontaneous hook-ups, gathering and cooking food, etc.

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Whiskey in the Yarrow!

Okay, not whiskey, Vodka (but whiskey would have worked too). Penny and I went fishing this week at one of her stomping grounds. Unfortunately we found the biting flies out in full swing. But to my luck, the ever-wise and herbally-prepared Penny had a quick fix; yarrow tincture bug repellent. She even had it in a nifty (although non-primitive) spray-bottle!

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Week12: From Cave to Grave With Penny Scout

An Anarcho-Primitivist Romance?

“They lived on opposite sides of the continent, both with a fierce love of family and the land, but destiny (and the internet) brought them together. Now he must venture into unknown territory to find out if she is really his true love as the wise old amazon man predicted, facing an angry she-bear, a terrible snow storm, and airport security. Meanwhile she must make an important decision: to leave behind everything she knows and return West with the man of her dreams or bide her time in a town where no one understands her…”

Does your life ever read like one of those cheesy romance novels? Well, mine does. Of course, the blurb above came from the mind of my long-time female, east coast counterpart Penny Scout, whom tomorrow I will fly some 2500 miles to meet in person for the first time.

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Week 11: POP QUIZ!

What do you get when you cross Urban Scout with seven vodka soda’s, two shots of rum, and a bunch of punk rock kids with a home-made tattoo gun?


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Week 10: Weather or Not?

Ask Urban Scout #1

Today the rain just keeps on pouring down from the sky. The air feels warm and I can taste the smell of the wet trees and rooftops. I often receive e-mails and myspace messages with questions about what I do, and what I think about things and what people can do encourage rewilding their lives. I’ve waited for a rainy day to respond to two of them and now the day has come.

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Week 9: Facial, Hot Dogged and VD Free