Jetsons More Primitive Than Flintstones

I feel that most people generally equate technology with physical objects or artifacts. Tangible items we can hold in our hands. Given their invisible nature, social technologies seem to go unnoticed or unrecognized as “technology.” However, right now a very primitive technology has sprung up among the most high-tech communities. In an ironic twist of fate, I have begun networking with these self-proclaimed, “tech-geeks,” to learn one of the most ancient technologies out there: sharing.

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Meeting My Meat

Week4: Foraging a New Path

RSS Feed Finally Working

Thanks to my friend Raven, my RSS feed is finally up and working. So all you peeps who want to subscribe to my shiznit can do so. Thanks Raven!

Week3: My First Vlog: Raw Materialist

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Can You Handle It?

My Money and Me

Recently I received a message from a Myspace stalker who said to me: “…you live through your inheritance without a real job soaking up earth skills… i wouldnt mind trying that inheritance thing out sometime…” Despite his insanity and lack of understanding of anything about this project, I still feel on the defensive. I generally try not to care what random assholes think of me. However, to alleviate strangers spreading rumors in the future, I do feel I need to clarify these assumptions surrounding my money and me.

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Sauer Kraut

As some of you may have read early on, Sasha and I eat based on the Body Ecology Diet. Part of this diet involves eating lots of fermented foods, such as Sauer Kraut. I’ve meant to photo-log making it for this site, but kept forgetting until today.

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Too Stoned to Make an Axe: Hittin’ it too Hard

Why I Hate “Brownies”

Week 2: Projectile Vomiting!

Hot Rock Experiment

Yesterday I tried to boil some rain water with hot rocks I gathered. I also started the fire in my tipi, an experiment gone wrong in the past. The following explains the results.

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