Week3: My First Vlog: Raw Materialist

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Can You Handle It?

My Money and Me

Recently I received a message from a Myspace stalker who said to me: “…you live through your inheritance without a real job soaking up earth skills… i wouldnt mind trying that inheritance thing out sometime…” Despite his insanity and lack of understanding of anything about this project, I still feel on the defensive. I generally try not to care what random assholes think of me. However, to alleviate strangers spreading rumors in the future, I do feel I need to clarify these assumptions surrounding my money and me.

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Sauer Kraut

As some of you may have read early on, Sasha and I eat based on the Body Ecology Diet. Part of this diet involves eating lots of fermented foods, such as Sauer Kraut. I’ve meant to photo-log making it for this site, but kept forgetting until today.

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Too Stoned to Make an Axe: Hittin’ it too Hard

Why I Hate “Brownies”

Week 2: Projectile Vomiting!

Hot Rock Experiment

Yesterday I tried to boil some rain water with hot rocks I gathered. I also started the fire in my tipi, an experiment gone wrong in the past. The following explains the results.

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My First Hunt

The plan seemed simple; kill a squirrel with a throwing stick. Of course I knew that a lot more goes into hunting, but what? I’ve read all about it in books, but the only way I can internalize the lessons (for me at least) requires pulling the trigger (so to speak). Though I came home without food, I did come home with many lessons on hunting and squirrels.

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Week One: Introducing My Laundry List

This week kicked off nicely. Then I realized I needed to do my taxes, and Mythmedia’s taxes. I also begun editing the video interview I did with Derrick Jensen last fall (which totally rocks btw!). I’ve also done some work at REWILD.info, though not as much work as Wilderix! I also began to go to my sit spot and journal for Kamana 3. So many projects, so little time! I’ve decided to keep track of what I have decided to call Scout’s Weekly Laundry List.

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An April Fool

This last week I began to wonder if I subconsciously chose April Fools Day for the start date of this project. Originally I didn’t think about it. I just told people April 1st. I hadn’t thought about April Fools day in quite some years. But the other day I started to feel something deep inside. That I had chosen this day for some subconscious reason, that if I looked, I could find a deeper meaning and a deeper understanding of what this project means.

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Internal Pressure, Cooking

Today brings March 26th. In less than a week the sun will rise on my arbitrary start date of April 1st. My mind feels shattered. I feel numb, scared, but mostly confused. What will change on this day of fools? How will my life change? What rules will I set in place? Why did I decide to do this so many months, so many years back?

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